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What’s Wrong with Your AC?

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Look, if we could answer this question in a blog post with 100% accuracy, then we’d be miracle workers. But we’re not, and unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to tell exactly what’s wrong with your specific system unless a certified professional from our team takes a closer look. While this is the reality of the situation, it doesn’t mean that our blog posts can’t help!

We’re firm believers that knowledge is power. When it comes to AC repair in Irving, TX, the more you know about your system, the better off you’re likely to be. You’ll know just what’s at stake, which components are being affected negatively, and just how important it is that you call us for professional services.

Keep reading as we get into some common problems that we see in air conditioners during the heat of the summer months. If anything sounds familiar, or if you’re sure that your AC is struggling, then don’t hesitate to call us.

Common Problems

More likely than not, your air conditioner is dealing with a rather common problem that can be fixed easily. Only in certain cases is there a truly unique issue with an air conditioner that requires extensive work. So, let’s get into some of the common problems we work on regularly and see if we can’t help give you a leg up.

Refrigerant Leak

If your system is struggling then it could be due to a refrigerant leak. This can cause issues like a hissing or bubbling noise, which is the sound of air entering your refrigerant lines and the refrigerant escaping into the atmosphere.

Also, you could see an overall decrease in energy efficiency and comfort levels as your AC struggles to cool your home. It’s going to consume more energy as it has less refrigerant to work with. Over time, that refrigerant is going to get so low that it’s going to be unable to cool your home at all.

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter is a vital component of your air conditioner. Without it being changed out every 1-3 months, it’s going to get clogged up and stifle your system.

Think about it, the more dust, debris, pet dander, and hair that’s clogging the air filter, the less space is reserved to allow fresh air to flow into your system. It’s going to struggle to breathe and it will become a lot less energy efficient. This can stress certain components and even lead to a system breakdown if you’re not careful, not to mention very poor indoor air quality.

Incorrect Temperature Setting

We’re going to be honest with you—sometimes it gets so hot here that it’s a miracle an air conditioner can work at all. Homeowners start setting their thermostats as low as possible while the heat waves beat us down with record-breaking temperatures and even high humidity.

This is a big mistake. Your AC woes could be directly a result of the fact that your thermostat is set too low. An air conditioner can’t really cool a home down more than 20° below the outdoor temperature. So, if it’s reaching 100° degrees outside, your safest bet is to set the thermostat to 80° and find some other ways to cool off, like going swimming or enjoying a nice cold beverage!

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