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AC Maintenance in Plano, TX

As any residents or summertime visitors know, it can get painfully hot in Plano, Texas. Imagine waking up to a heat wave and finding out your air conditioner has called it quits. Fortunately, routine maintenance and service can help prevent that nightmare. 

At Aire Texas Heating and Air Conditioning, our experienced Plano air conditioning technicians are dedicated to excellent service to keep you cool at fair prices. There is a reason our motto is “Doing it right the first time every time!”

Our thorough air conditioning maintenance service enables our diagnostic engineers to comprehensively inspect, adjust, and clean your air conditioning system for the most efficient performance possible. 

No unit is immune to AC repair needs of course, but maintenance will help keep them at a minimum, and our technicians are ready 24/7, 365 days a year when you do need prompt repairs!

Call Aire Texas at (972) 734-1791 for your Plano, TX air conditioning maintenance needs today.

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair in Plano TX

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Why Does My AC System Need Maintenance?

Air conditioning systems are a prized possession, especially here in the hot Texas heat. If you do not keep up with your air conditioner maintenance, it can lead to expensive AC repair services and even result in the need for early HVAC equipment replacement. Keeping on top of maintenance can help you catch small air conditioning problems before they become much bigger ones while helping extend the lifespan of your air conditioner and ensure you save you money on energy costs.

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins, among many other moving parts, require maintenance in order for air conditioning units to perform the way they should throughout their lifespan. Neglecting annual maintenance can result in a decline in air conditioning performance, poorer indoor air quality, the need for costly repairs, and premature replacement of equipment. It can also increase the time that your unit runs because it is trying to reach the right temperature.

Plano AC Maintenance Services

Coil Fins

Coil fins can get bent and prevent air flow through the coil. When you call Aire Texas for your AC service, we will check the coil fins and make sure that they are not causing any issues with your air conditioning system.

Air Filters

Air filters are an important piece of your air conditioning system. If you don’t change or clean your air filter as frequently as you should, it can become clogged with dirt and debris, which prevents air filtration. This leads to a variety of issues for your air conditioning system, including inefficiency, high energy bills, poor air quality, and air unit failure.


The air conditioning system has an evaporator coil and condenser coil, both of which can collect dirt and debris. This dirt reduces airflow and insulates the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. Regular maintenance with Aire Texas will prevent issues that arise with the coils in your air conditioner.

Air Duct Cleaning

Many people forget about air duct cleaning as part of the air conditioner service process. The truth is, dirty ducts can lead to a number of issues, both within the air conditioning unit as a whole and regarding the health and safety of your household. Poor air flow, strange smells, and regular coughing and sneezing could all be indicators that you need prompt air duct cleaning services. If you have someone in your home with asthma, it is especially important to ensure that your air ducts are clean. We want you and your family to be comfortable. That is why our Plano air duct cleaning professionals aim for customer satisfaction with every call we receive.

Plano AC Maintenance Service

Signs It’s Time To Schedule an AC Tune-Up With Aire Texas

There are many signs that your air conditioner may need a tune up. If you feel warm air coming out of your vents or a weak air flow, it can be a sign that your unit needs service. Loud noises are never a good sign when it comes to air conditioners. Most HVAC systems can have a soothing hum that may help put you to sleep, but any loud scraping or squealing can indicate a serious problem.

Foul smells that are being emitted from your air conditioner not only cause worry, but can make your home hard to stay in. We can make sure that you have healthy air quality for you and your family. Leaks can also be a sign of needing a tune up or repair. You should address any kind of moisture leaking around your system right away. It could be a sign of a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is hazardous and needs to be handled by professionals to ensure your health and safety.

An air conditioner that needs frequent repair service can cost you money daily. It can lead to higher energy bills with your electric company. At Aire Texas, we are dedicated to providing efficient home solutions for your family.

How Often Does My Air Conditioner Need Maintenance?

It’s recommended that you service your home air conditioning system at least once every year. An annual air conditioner service appointment is always essential because as you’ve read above, there are many factors to keeping your air conditioner running at its best. Our skilled HVAC techs recommend one air conditioning service appointment in the spring before the hot weather rolls around and one heating system service appointment in the Fall before the cold winter months set in.

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

AC units need maintenance to perform the way they should and to keep you and your family safe and comfortable. There are many benefits to regular tune-ups, some of which include lower energy costs, better air quality, prolonging the life span of your system, and requiring less repair services.

To recap:

  • Taking great care of your heating and air system will save money in the long run.
  • It can prolong the need for a new system.
  • You can prevent expensive repairs by maintaining your air conditioner with tune-ups.
  • It can ensure the air you breathe on a daily basis is clean and safe.
Plano TX AC Maintenance Service

What Can I Expect During My Air Conditioning Maintenance Service?

Our diagnostic engineers are ready to provide great customer service for you with every maintenance call we take on. We take service calls very seriously and work hard to make sure you don’t lose the use of your air cooling system.

Just to name a few things you can expect from an AC service appointment when you call Aire Texas, our engineers will check your air conditioner to make sure that it is operating efficiently. They will check to make sure that there is no debris blocking air flow and check the coils and filters on your AC unit. Freon and refrigerant levels will also be checked. We will also check your thermostat and conduct a temperature test.

Cool Club Preventive Maintenance

Aire Texas offers a Cool Club program for our clients that includes two inspections and HVAC tune-up appointments for your heating and cooling systems. We will come to your home once in the spring and once in the fall. There are many benefits to our Cool Club program, including:

  • Priority, front-of-the-line customer service.
  • No after-hours trip charges.
  • Discounts on any repairs, installations, or services.
  • 1 “no charge” service call per system, per year.
  • Lifetime repair guarantee on any parts replaced while Cool Club membership is maintained.
  • Free home energy assessment, including heat load engineering report.

To learn more about our North TX AC service maintenance agreement or to schedule your next air conditioning maintenance session, simply reach out to our team today.

Plano TX AC Maintenance Service Plan

AC Repair Plano

Even with regular maintenance, sometimes AC repairs are inevitable. No system is immune to the occasional breakdown, especially considering how hard they work here in North Central Texas. 

Aire Texas provides emergency air conditioning repair services to all our customers throughout Plano, TX and beyond, but we also believe in educating our customers to help them avoid such air conditioner calamities. The best way to do this is by sharing with you the signs that it may be time for Plano AC repair service. Take a look at some of the common indicators your system needs repair:

  • Reduced Airflow – There are a number of potential causes for this, ranging from an easily replaceable clogged air filter to something more sinister such as a broken component.
  • Low Cooling Output – Low cooling, or uneven temperatures, can be caused by damaged ductwork, or even by a refrigerant leak—which should be repaired ASAP to keep your system at peak performance.
  • Short-Cycling – This is the process where an air conditioner rapidly turns on and off. Short-cycling is both a symptom of a problem, and a problem itself. Be sure to call our pros right away if you notice this sign.
  • Odd Noises – No air conditioner is silent, but if the sounds yours makes goes beyond the normal humming of the fan or fluctuating of your ductwork, it’s time to give our diagnostic engineers a call.
  • Higher Cooling Bills – It’s wise to keep an eye on your cooling bills. Are they more expensive than they were this time last year? If so, it’s a sign of inefficiency, which could mean you need air conditioning repair.

As you can see, the indications for AC repair are almost identical to those of needing maintenance. When you call a service professional at Aire Texas, we can come inspect your unit and determine whether a simple tune-up is needed or a more extensive repair. 

Plano TX AC Maintenance Service

Why Choose Aire Texas For Your Plano Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Our air conditioning maintenance service enables our diagnostic engineers to inspect, adjust, and clean your AC unit to maximize its use. Your system will last longer, require fewer repairs, and keep your Plano, TX home comfortable for years to come.

Our engineers are ready to provide quality work and help you around the clock with whatever your air conditioning unit throws your way. Our motto of “Doing it right the first time every time” is what we live by and we aim to provide quality products and service for fair prices. Contact Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc today at (972) 734-1791 or by submitting your information online for your HVAC system and repair needs. Plano, TX heat is coming… don’t wait too late!

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