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Home Automation in Plano, TX

When we think about home automation or a smart home, we think about television shows like The Jetsons or Star Trek. But now, having a “home of the future” is no longer as fictional a concept as it may seem. The fact is the way homeowners monitor and regulate energy use in our households is rapidly changing. Things we once saw on TV have now made their way into our homes, like robot vacuums, Alexa devices, smart TVs, and more. We now live in a day and age where we can control devices with a vocal command or a click of a button.

Aire Texas Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help you harness new technologies and capabilities. Education is our platform—we ensure our employees are highly educated, so when they come to your home, you’ll be well-informed about how your current systems are serving you and what HVAC, indoor air quality, and home automation products can further improve your home’s comfort.

We can do so much from our mobile devices, like order food, place grocery orders, and more, so why not use that same convenience for your home? Adding a home automation system to your home is not as futuristic as you think. Many homeowners throughout Plano, TX, are taking advantage of modern technologies and making their homes smart. In this day and age, 

For quality home automation system services, contact the Customer Specialists at Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc, where we believe in “doing it right the first time every time!”

Home Automation in Plano, TX

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What is Home Automation?

Home automation systems allow homeowners complete access to their electronic devices throughout their homes. Home automation turns a manual task into an automatic one. For example, you don’t have to get up to turn off your ceiling fan. You can change the settings on your phone. By making things in your home “smart,” you can control everything with just a button. Homeowners can connect their televisions, security systems, thermostats, garages, and more to build their personal home automation systems.  Home automation systems can benefit your home while you’re there and away. Maybe you’ve been on a trip and want to adjust your smart thermostat so your home is nice and cool when you arrive home. Or maybe you’re walking in with an arm full of groceries and need to unlock your front door hands-free. With modern technology, you can control lighting, your security system, your garage, door locks, and more from your smartphone or other mobile device.   To learn more about home automation in Plano, TX, call Aire Texas at (972) 424-2473 to talk with a Customer Specialist today. 
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The Benefits of Home Automation

When you have the right combination of systems in your home automated, you can quickly and easily find out the information you need about your home and remotely access and manage the temperature, security, and even the lighting, no matter where you are. 

Home automation helps improve:

  • Energy Efficiency: Improve your energy efficiency with home automation. So much energy (and money) is wasted while we’re away from home or things are not in use. With home automation solutions, you can control your home’s temperature while you’re away so it’s not constantly running.
  • Home Security: Many functions of home automation systems revolve around improving home security system functions. Your home can be completely safe when you connect your security cameras, system, and locks all to one device that you can remotely control. This is great when you’re out on the town and leaving the little one with a babysitter. You can check all the locks and ensure they’re safe while away.
  • Functionality of your Living Space: One of the most significant factors that make home automation systems so appealing is how convenient they make everything. We’re busier than ever, so making daily tasks more accessible is a bonus. If your robotic vacuum is programmed to run every other day, that’s one less thing for you to worry about. 
  • Peace of Mind: Remember the days when we would run home and make sure we locked the door or put the garage down? Thanks to home automation systems, you can check those things and more, no matter where you are. 

Additionally, you’ll have diagnostic power with the right home automation solutions in place—getting alerts to potential problems with your HVAC systems and more.

Home Automation in Plano, TX

Home Automation and Your HVAC

As you can see, there are many benefits to adding home automation systems to your Plano home. But how much does it help with your HVAC system? The key benefit of installing a smart thermostat as part of your home automation system is that you can control your home’s temperature while away. A smart thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature settings so that you’re not using as much energy, saving you money on electric bills. What’s even better is that you can begin warming up or cooling off your home while you’re en route, so it’s already the ideal temperature when you arrive home—no need to adjust the thermostat when you walk in the door and wait.

A smart thermostat has many additional advantages when added to your home automation system like: 

  • Automatic Adjustments: You can schedule and manually adjust temperature adjustments from your mobile device. This helps your home stay at your preferred temperature while sleeping, working, or on a trip.
  • Remote and Mobile Access: Using the smart thermostat’s remote or app, you can control the temperature from anywhere in your home or while out of town. 
  • Adaptive Technology: Not only is your thermostat smart, but it can learn too. The longer you use your smart thermostat, the adaptive technology will begin to adjust automatically to your personal preferences. 
  • Usage Reports: Smart thermostats can provide homeowners with energy and usage reports so they can better understand their heating and cooling costs. Some smart thermostats also offer indoor air quality monitoring and reports which can help you remember when to change your air filter.

If you want to add a smart thermostat to your home automation system, call Aire Texas and discuss our options with a Customer Specialist today. 

Home Automation in Plano, TX

Our Leading Home Automation Products and Services

At Aire-Texas, we install and work with a number of devices from leading manufacturers. We offer the best home automation products to streamline the use of your appliances, home security, lighting, irrigation systems controls, garage door openers, and window treatments. You can manage a variety of tasks through apps on smartphones and mobile devices.
  • Nest Pro – This highly advanced smart thermostat enables homeowners to access and control numerous home appliances aside from just their HVAC systems. With the Nest Pro Setup, you’ll have complete control over complex systems such as your dual fuel system, humidifier, and dehumidifier.
  • Ecobee – These smart thermostats are controlled through a built-in touchscreen. Homeowners can use a registered login or a companion app available for iOS, Android, and the Apple Watch.
  • Nexia – Serving as a central home control system, the Nexia Bridge allows you full access to a number of Nexia Home Intelligence devices that control lights, thermostats, locks, and more. These devices include the following:
    • Nexia™ One Touch – A simple automation control panel to manage other devices.
    • Schlage® Century Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm
    • Schlage® Touchscreen Deadbolt and Handleset Grip
    • Nexia Doorbell Sensor
  • Smart Things – SmartThings offers the best in smart home technology, providing an internet hub, cloud platform, and consumer apps to enable homeowners complete control over multiple systems and appliances within their households.
  • Lennox S30 Thermostat – The Lennox iComfort S30 Thermostat is a smart thermostat that is an ideal pairing for home automation with Lennox brand HVAC systems. This smart thermostat is compatible with a number of other systems from alternative manufacturers, as well. Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc is a premier dealer for Lennox, and we work with other leading brands.
  • Ring – Ring Inc. combines home security with optimal home automation with a range of products that incorporate outdoor motion-based cameras and smart doorbells.
These are just some of the trusted brands and products we work with at Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc. Contact us to learn more about how you can comprehensively manage your home automation needs.

Other Services We Provide At Aire Texas

In addition to offering home automation solutions, we provide HVAC services in Plano, TX, for both residential and commercial properties. This includes: At Aire Texas, you can trust that you’ll receive great customer service with every call. We strive to provide you with quality HVAC and other home services, which is why we continue to educate our technicians on the latest and greatest in HVAC technologies. We also provide emergency 24/7 services because we understand how stressful it can be when dealing with an air conditioner or heating emergency.  Aire-Texas offers financing options for our customers because needing a large repair job or replacement HVAC unit shouldn’t have to be put off because of costs. We also offer coupons and other specials for our customers, so ask your Aire Texas technician about the different ways you can save. 
Home Automation in Plano, TX

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As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in offering quality HVAC and smart home solutions for our customers in Plano and the surrounding areas. We know that there are HVAC companies on every corner in Texas, but when you’re looking for the highest quality air conditioning, heating, and home solution services, look no further than Aire Texas. 

If you’re interested in learning more about adding a home automation system to your home, call the experts at Aire Texas. Our Customer Specialists will discuss the options with you and how home automation solutions can benefit your home and save you money. Call (972) 424-2473 today to talk with a Customer Specialist. 

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