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Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Plano, TX

While it is partly dependent on the type of commercial building you own or business you manage, the indoor air quality (IAQ) within your commercial space can actually be worse than outdoor air quality—particularly in North Central Texas.

This is because of the level of allergens and pollutants in the air throughout Plano, TX and beyond, which get trapped within the building due to tight construction practices designed to improve HVAC efficiency.

At Aire Texas Heating and Air Conditioning, we take poor indoor air quality seriously. You can rest assured that when coming to your business to assess your indoor air quality, our experienced Plano HVAC service technicians will take a birds-eye-view approach. This means we will look at not only how your current HVAC and air quality systems are serving your commercial space now, but how new products and services can improve indoor air quality, further enhancing the comfort and health of your space.

Our motto is “Doing it right the first time, every time!” Let us show you why. Contact us to start improving the air quality inside your commercial building today.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality in Plano, TX

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Why Maintaining Indoor Air Quality is Important for Your Business

As important as it is to maintain indoor air quality in your Plano home, it’s just as important for businesses and commercial building owners to take measures to protect their indoor environment. According to indoor air quality data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans spend around 90% of their time indoors, where indoor pollutants can reach up to 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor air quality. 

What’s more, studies have shown that poor indoor air quality can lead to serious health effects, including but not limited to allergies, fatigue, and respiratory problems. This alone can lead to decreased productivity and increased sick leave for employees, not to mention the other adverse effects of indoor air pollution, such as the degradation of office furniture and increased energy costs. As such, ensuring the air inside your business or commercial space is clean, healthy, and breathable is of the utmost importance. 

By prioritizing and actively working to maintain indoor air quality, businesses can create a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment for building occupants. In addition to the health benefits, maintaining indoor air quality also contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings. An efficiently functioning HVAC system is crucial for delivering clean air and optimizing energy consumption. Preventative HVAC maintenance, such as building air filter changes and regular system inspections, ensures that your commercial HVAC system operates at its peak performance, reducing energy costs while also reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Threats

Indoor air pollution comes in many forms–including dust, bacteria, pollen, mold, and more–and it affects more than just homes. Commercial spaces and office buildings are also impacted by poor indoor air quality, which means it’s equally important for both home and building owners to invest in indoor air quality monitoring. 

Temperature is not a good indicator of how healthy your commercial indoor air quality is. There are a number of other factors that play a role in whether or not you have good indoor air quality. These include:

  • Humidity – The ideal relative humidity level inside a Plano, TX commercial space is between 30%-50%. Excessive moisture leads to things like wood rot and property damage. Too little humidity is just as bad, leading to susceptibility for illnesses, dried out wood flooring and fixtures, and bacteria growth.
  • Indoor Air Pollutants – As we mentioned, indoor pollution comes in many forms, from chemical pollutants (i.e., cleaning supplies, insecticides, and beauty products) to building materials (i.e, asbestos fibers, varnishes, etc.)  to combustion sources (i.e., tobacco smoke, cooking appliances, fireplaces, etc.) and Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. The presence of all of these substances and others not mentioned can result in serious air quality issues. 
  • Ventilation – As we stated above, today’s buildings are constructed in such a way to improve HVAC efficiency. That is, they’re built to be airtight. While this certainly does help efficiency, it does nothing for the ventilation of your commercial space.

By setting indoor air quality standards for your commercial building, you can improve humidity levels and ventilation while keeping your commercial space or business free of dust, dirt, allergens, and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)—the latter of which is quite common in commercial buildings that involve any type of manufacturing or distribution.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Comprehensive Commercial Air Quality Solutions

To maintain indoor air quality, businesses should start by addressing and replacing potential sources of contamination. This may look like using environmentally friendly cleaning products and/or implementing effective ventilation and air filtration systems in the office environment. Regular equipment maintenance, such as cleaning and inspection, is also important, as it helps reduce indoor pollutant levels that can degrade air quality. 

When you call the Plano air conditioning engineers at Aire Texas, we can help identify what airborne particles may be plaguing you using comprehensive air quality testing practices and come up with an effective solution for improving indoor air quality in your office or commercial building.  

As you know now, VOC’s, mold spores, dust, dirt, and other allergens are all potential contaminants that can be infiltrating your indoor air. The products and services that can best combat this include:

  • Air Duct Cleaning – You may be surprised to find just how much dust and dirt can build up within your commercial air ducts, which restricts airflow and exposes your building’s interior to many contaminants. Our Plano air duct cleaning services can help improve clean air circulation.  
  • Air Filtration and Purification – From electronic and portable air cleaners to UV air purifiers, there are a number of Plano air filtration and air purifier systems that can help ensure the air your building’s occupants are breathing is healthy and safe.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers – The ideal relative humidity in any given space is between 30% – 50%. Anything beyond this range requires humidity-balancing solutions.
  • Heat and Energy Recovery VentilatorsHeat and energy recovery ventilators allow you to eliminate the feeling of stale air within your commercial space, without opening windows and doors during a stifling hot or chilly day. Using an HRV or ERV system is a much more energy-efficient option—helping both your HVAC systems and your bottom line.
  • Regular HVAC Maintenance – By performing regular HVAC maintenance, you can help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system while better equipping it to filter out and trap particulate matter that may be impacting your air quality. Be sure to ask us about joining our annual HVAC maintenance plan, the Cool Club, today!

It’s incredibly important that all businesses who aim to improve their air quality monitor and address any indoor air quality problems as soon as possible. Contact Aire Texas today to learn more about your Plano commercial indoor air quality options!

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Plano

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Poor air quality is a serious problem that can affect all indoor environments, especially your commercial space or office building here in Plano, TX. If you haven’t already, it’s time you take your indoor air quality management seriously. To learn more about our commercial IAQ solutions or to set up an appointment today, reach out to the Plano indoor air quality professionals at Aire Texas Heating and Air Conditioning today. You can reach us by phone at (972) 424-2473 or online by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you and helping your business thrive!

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