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Dual Fuel Systems in Plano, TX

At Aire Texas Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve been serving the HVAC needs of homeowners in Plano, TX, and the North Central Texas area since 2010, and we know that however brief our winters may be, our customers want efficient and cost-effective heating options.

This is where the dual-fuel HVAC system comes in. It combines the cooling and heating functionality of a heat pump system with a backup furnace for when the weather cools. Unsure if a dual fuel system is right for your home?

Our platform is educating our employees so they can educate our customers. When you contact our Plano air conditioning experts, we’ll look at your current HVAC systems and teach you how they’re serving you and what home comfort systems may benefit you further.

Contact us to learn more about dual fuel systems and their benefits. We believe in doing things the right way every time! To schedule an appointment with one of our Plano dual fuel system experts, call (972) 424-2473 today.

Dual Fuel Systems in Plano TX

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Understanding the Efficiency of Dual Fuel Heating Systems

A high-efficiency heat pump paired with a natural gas furnace will ensure Plano homeowners always get the most energy efficiency out of their heating and cooling systems. While heat pumps are generally more efficient than traditional HVAC systems, they struggle with heating homes when temperatures dip below 40°F. In colder temperatures, heat pumps have to work overtime to provide heat, which can increase utility bills. 

When Texas experiences a cold snap, the dual fuel system will use whatever heating device is more efficient. So if the temperatures are around freezing, the system will switch over to the furnace that can easily provide heat. With just a heat pump, the heating element of the system would have to work more to provide enough heat in cold temperatures, but furnaces are better equipped to handle the cold. 

Exploring Dual Fuel System Options

Exploring the Benefits of Dual Fuel Systems for Plano Residents

Dual fuel systems are single-entity systems that combine an air-source heat pump with a gas furnace. This enables you to cool your home in the summer efficiently while heating it up effectively in the winter, all from one system.

  • A dual fuel system is a heat pump – Heat pumps have a component called a reversing valve that enables them to work as an air conditioner in the summer but a heater in the winter.
  • Heat pumps struggle when it’s too cold – While our winters may be brief, nighttime temperatures frequently dip below what a heat pump can reasonably handle. The gas-powered furnace automatically kicks on with a dual fuel system to allow efficient heat.

If you’re considering upgrading both your air conditioner and heater this year, then a dual fuel system replacement is well worth your consideration. Contact the Plano dual fuel heating system experts at Aire Texas to learn more.

What is a Dual Fuel Heat Pump?

With a dual fuel heat pump, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that when it’s too cold outside for the heat pump to work efficiently, the backup gas furnace will take over. While you may not think you need a dual fuel system for your Plano home, it can provide maximum heating power when Texas experiences one of its crazy winter storms. 

In the warmer months, the heat pump acts as a central air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. The function the heat pump uses to heat the home is reversed to provide cool air instead. The system pulls warm air from inside the house, pushes it outdoors, and replaces it with cooler air. So, with a heat pump, you get both an air conditioner and a furnace all rolled into one. However, with a dual fuel heat pump, you get the added benefit of a separate natural gas furnace that can kick in when the temperature dips too low. 

Functionality of Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

Typically, most homeowners have an air conditioning system that cools their home in the warmer months and a separate gas furnace that heats their home in the winter. On the other hand, a heat pump combines heating and cooling devices into one. The purpose of a dual fuel system is to act as a backup to the traditional heat pump that will kick on when the temperature drops to below 40°F. The dual fuel system will use whatever heating device is the most efficient depending on the temperature outdoors.   

How Dual Fuel Systems Combine Heat Pumps and Furnaces for Optimal Heating

Heat pumps work best in warmer climates. However, having an additional gas furnace as a backup is beneficial for much colder temperatures. Since heat pumps pull air from outside, the system needs to work much harder when it’s colder outside. This can cause your heat pump to run more and increase your electric bills. 

When temperatures drop below 40°F, your dual fuel system will switch over to the dual fuel furnace that can handle heating in cooler temperatures. Since Texas doesn’t experience frigid temperatures often, homeowners can enjoy the energy savings of a heat pump with the added security of a gas-powered furnace. 

Choosing a Dual Fuel System

Advantages of Dual Fuel Systems

Dual fuel systems have many advantages over traditional HVAC systems and heat pumps. Not only are heat pumps more energy-efficient, but with the addition of a gas-powered furnace, homeowners can increase their energy savings. Heat pumps are known to move 300% more energy than they consume and can save Plano homeowners up to 50% yearly in energy costs.

While heat pumps alone are incredibly efficient, installing a natural gas furnace can ensure that you maintain your energy efficiency when the heat pump can no longer handle the cold temperatures. Since the dual fuel system chooses the more energy-efficient option, you don’t have to worry about switching between devices manually. 

Comparing Dual Fuel Systems to Traditional Heat Pumps

A dual fuel system is just like a traditional heat pump but with a bonus. With a backup gas furnace, homeowners don’t have to worry about being cold in frigid temperatures when the heat pump can’t effectively perform. 

Traditional heat pumps are essentially air conditioners and heaters all in one unit. The functions the heat pump uses to warm the home are reversed when the temperatures are hotter outside. However, since heat pumps pull air from the outside, colder temperatures make it much harder for the system to provide heat. With a dual fuel system, the furnace can take over when the heat pump can no longer handle the cold. 

Dual Fuel System vs. Electric Heat Pump: Which is Right for You?

You may be wondering why a Texas home would need a dual fuel system instead of just an electric heat pump. On average, the winter temperatures in Plano can reach 38°F or dip even lower. In recent years, Texas has experienced extreme winter weather that a heat pump alone wouldn’t be able to handle. With a dual fuel system, you can rest assured that when Plano is hit with a winter storm or freezing temperatures, your furnace will be able to heat your home much more efficiently. 

Evaluating Performance, Costs, and Comfort Factors

Installing a dual fuel system is more expensive than traditional systems, but they can pay for themselves in energy savings in the long run. As mentioned before, dual fuel systems are more efficient than HVAC systems since they both heat and cool. The heat pump doesn’t generate its own cool or warm air but instead pulls air from outside. When it’s too cold outdoors, the furnace can take over the heating element and provide warm air while maintaining the system’s energy efficiency. 

Another benefit of the dual fuel system is that furnaces provide superior heating compared to other heating systems. Many people are specific about the type of heat they prefer. Furnaces put out a more hot, dry heat compared to heat pumps. When it’s not cold enough for your furnace to heat your home, you can enjoy the “cooler” warmth that heat pumps put out. 

Advantages of Dual Fuel Systems

Installation and Maintenance of Dual Fuel Systems

Installation and maintenance for your dual fuel system are more in-depth because multiple systems need to be installed and maintained. As with any HVAC equipment, it’s always best to let a professional handle the installation, especially since the furnace involves connecting to a natural gas line and ensuring proper exhaust. 

At Aire Texas, our Plano heating and cooling experts can handle both the installation and maintenance of your system. Once the installation is complete, you can count on our HVAC experts for any repairs and maintenance on your system you may need in the future. 

Professional Dual Fuel Systems Installation in Plano

Once you select your dual fuel system, our technicians will take it from there. We’ll install both the heat pump and furnace. If you’re replacing an air conditioning unit and/or heating system, we can remove it and properly dispose of the old units as well. 

After the installation is complete, your Plano HVAC installation technician will walk you through using your new system and answer any questions that you may have. 

Keeping Your Dual Fuel System Running Smoothly with Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is key to efficient HVAC systems. No matter what type of heating and cooling system your home has, it’s always recommended to have it serviced twice a year.

At Aire Texas, we offer our customers an annual maintenance program, the Cool Club. This maintenance program guarantees that your HVAC system will be serviced once in the spring to ensure proper cooling functions and once in the winter to make sure your heat pump and furnace are ready for the colder temperatures. 

Plano Dual Fuel System Installation

Choosing the Right Dual Fuel System for Your Plano Home

When shopping for a dual fuel system, there are many factors that homeowners need to consider. Since these systems have both a heat pump and furnace, they require much more space than traditional systems. You’ll need to make sure that you have plenty of room for both. 

While the dual fuel system is more expensive up front due to installation costs, the energy efficiency of the unit makes it worth the price. If you’re worried about the expensive installation costs, we offer customers financing options and coupons.

Dual fuel systems are already more efficient than traditional HVACs, but certain brands and models can provide more savings and efficiency than others. When comparing models, our HVAC experts can help you narrow down which system would work best for your home and specific needs. 

Dual Fuel Systems: Climate and Environmental Considerations

An added benefit of dual fuel systems is how much better they are for the environment. Since your heat pump will be working the majority of the time, it doesn’t create its own heat but pulls air from the outside and warms it up.

When the temperatures drop and the furnace switches on, its byproduct will be vented outside. Since the furnace only turns on when the temperatures are below 40°F, the noxious gases that it creates will be at a minimum compared to if it was your only source of heat. 

Plano Dual Fuel System Repair and Installation

Work With Aire Texas For All Your HVAC System Needs

If you’re ready to make the change to a dual fuel system, the Plano HVAC experts at Aire Texas Heating and Air Conditioning are ready to help. Not only can we help you choose the best system for your home, but our job doesn’t end with the installation. With the Cool Club, you can depend on Aire Texas to maintain your system so that you can get the most out of it for as long as possible.

Whether you’re in need of air conditioning repairs, heater replacement, indoor air quality services, or commercial HVAC services, Aire Texas Heating and Air Conditioning can handle it all. To schedule an appointment with our Plano heating and cooling experts, call (972) 424-2473 or complete our online intake form today!

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