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Heat Pumps in Plano, TX

Do you need a new air conditioner? Perhaps a new furnace is what you need? Get the best of both worlds with a heat pump installation.

Something we pride ourselves on very much here at Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc is when we come to assess your needs, we look at the whole picture. We won’t simply sell you a product and call it a day—after speaking to one of our Diagnostic Engineers or Installation Specialists, you’ll know not only how your current systems are serving you, but what products are available to make your Plano, TX area home even more efficient and comfortable.

Heat pumps are a leading choice for customers seeking efficiency and whole-home comfort.

At Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc, we believe in doing it right the first time every time. Call us for your heat pump services today.

Heat Pumps in Plano TX

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The Benefits of a Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installations solve two needs in one—heating and cooling. Heat pumps are year-round systems that provide efficient and effective heating and cooling the same way a conventional air conditioner does. The difference is that the refrigerant process can be reversed in the winter. The advantages of this include:

  • Saving space – Because heat pumps are two-in-one systems, they share both indoor and outdoor components. This eliminates the need for separate heating and AC unit installations.
  • Saving energy – Heat pumps do not generate heat. Rather, they transfer heat. This is far more efficient than using a furnace or similar heating system.
  • Saving money – Because of the highly efficient operation of a heat pump, you’ll notice your cooling and heating bills lower since the system won’t be eating up as much energy.

Heat pump systems are ideal for climates like ours—the Plano, TX area has hot summers and relatively mild winters, and that is where heat pumps thrive.

Does Your Heat Pump Need Service?

The best way to fend off the worst and most emergent of heat pump repairs is with heat pump maintenance through our Cool Club program. The Cool Club Maintenance Program affords our customers a number of benefits, including:

  • Priority service
  • A lifetime repair guarantee
  • A peace of mind your system will work well whenever you need it!

Even with maintenance, there may come a time you need repairs on your heat pump. Heat pumps do have some unique needs due to their setup. For instance, if you have a faulty reversing valve yours can get stuck in heating or cooling mode. Fortunately, Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc provides 24/7 services for whatever urgent heat pump needs you may have. We focus on quality, so whatever your heat pump repair needs are, we’re the Plano, TX team you can trust!

Is It Time for Heat Pump Replacement?

No HVAC system lasts forever. If you find yourself making repairs quite often—more than a couple times a year—for an aging system, then it may be time to consider heat pump replacement.

There are exceptions, though! Ask our Diagnostic Engineers what we think in regards to heat pump repairs vs. replacement.

Age is not always the deciding factor—a 5-year-old system that hasn’t been well maintained and needs a $1,000 repair may be more of a candidate for heat pump replacement than a 16-year-old heat pump that needs a small, $200 repair that will give it a few more seasons of life.

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