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AC Repair vs. Replace

Should you repair or replace your HVAC system? It can be hard to know when you need AC repair in Plano, and when you need a full AC system replacement. Our Plano and Dallas, TX heating and air conditioning specialists are here to answer just that.

AC units have a life span of 15-20 years if properly cared for. If you’re experiencing high energy bills or insufficient cooling throughout your home, it might be time to repair or replace. Our Plano and Dallas, TX heating and air conditioning specialists are here to help.

When you’re faced with an equipment malfunction or problem, it’s important to weigh your options. Replacing a system is expensive but will help you avoid more costly breakdowns in the future. Repairing a system can keep it running longer, but how efficiently will it operate?

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AIRE TEXAS AC Repair vs. Replace

Signs You Need to Repair Your AC

You never want to be left in the Texas heat with an air conditioner that needs repairing. When it’s time to repair your AC unit, there are several signs that you can be on the lookout for: 

  1. Warm blowing from your vents. If you notice warm air coming from your vents, first check the thermostat and make sure that it’s switched to cooling and that it’s set lower than the house’s temperature. If there is still warm air coming from the vents, it might be time to call Aire Texas. You could have a malfunctioning compressor or restricted airflow. 
  2. Insufficient air flow is a very common sign that your HVAC unit isn’t working properly. There could be a clogged air filter, broken motor, or other issue preventing the air flow through the ductwork. 
  3. Constant cycling. During the warmer months, you can expect your air conditioner to cycle on more, but when it’s constantly cycling on and off, there could be an issue. If you notice your HVAC system doing this, call the experts at Aire Texas. An experienced HVAC technician will evaluate your system to determine whether a tune-up will solve the problem or if you’ll need a new AC system. 
  4. Humidity can be expected during the summer months, but you shouldn’t be experiencing it indoors. Your air conditioning unit should regulate the humidity levels in your home. If you’re noticing a high level of humidity inside, it might be time for an HVAC repair.
  5. Leaks. If you see water pooling around your HVAC unit, you could have an AC leak. Your air conditioner uses refrigerant to cool your home and can produce condensation, but it shouldn’t be enough to create pooling. If you notice an excess of water around your AC unit, you’ll want to call Aire Texas before it gets worse. Not only will a leak prevent your unit from working properly, but ignoring a leak could lead to structural damage. 
  6. Strong, unpleasant odors can be another sign that you need an HVAC repair. Typically a smelly AC unit can be solved with just a maintenance visit and cleaning session. If you’re experiencing strong odors from your unit, one of our HVAC technicians will perform a maintenance check and determine if a repair will be necessary or if you will need a new air conditioner. 
  7. Loud noises coming from your AC unit can be a sign that you need a repair. Air conditioners make some noise, but loud noises can mean that a part is loose or something more serious is wrong with your HVAC system. When you start to hear loud, unusual noises, call Aire Texas before the problem gets worse.  

If you notice any of these problems or others not mentioned, call the Plano AC repair experts at Aire Texas today. We’ll quickly diagnose the issue and get straight to work resolving it so you can return to optimal comfort. 

AC Repair vs. Replacement

How To Know When to Replace Your AC

Sometimes a repair won’t cut it when your current air conditioner is experiencing issues. Once you notice a problem, it’s important to call us at Aire Texas so we can send out one of our technicians to get your home cooling efficiently again. If you’re worried about the costs of an AC replacement, we offer financing options so a new HVAC unit won’t break the bank.

Many of the above signs that your AC unit might need to be repaired can lead to an AC replacement if ignored or if they’re bad enough that an HVAC repair won’t fix the problem. Another sign that you might need a replacement versus a repair is that your heating and cooling costs have increased. Increased energy bills can mean that the HVAC system is working overtime to cool your home. Replacing your old unit can save you money on energy costs. 

If you’re having to call for Plano air conditioner maintenance frequently, that could also be a sign that you need to replace your old air conditioning unit. When you notice any irregularities in how your air conditioner operates, you want to call the pros at Aire Texas first. 

AIRE TEXAS AC Repair vs. Replace

How Old Is Your HVAC System?

A repair can help you get several more years of service out of a brand new system. Aging air conditioners and heaters will experience more and more breakdowns, which will only add up in costs that could have otherwise gone toward replacement.

The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is 15-20 years old. Anything older than that should automatically be considered for replacement, but there are exceptions.

If your system is:

  • Only 5 years old and the cost of your next repair is greater than $1,300, then replacement may be the right choice despite its age.
  • 16 years old and your next repair is going to cost no more than $200.00, then a repair may be all you need for now.
  • Old enough that it’s still operating on Freon/R-22 refrigerant, replacement may be your best option. Freon is being completely phased out by January 1, 2020 and recycled product is increasingly rare to come by.
  • Not performing nearly as efficiently as it once did and is costing you significantly more to run from month-to-month despite frequent repairs, then replacement will be the most economically sound choice for energy savings. Older systems have a lower SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) while newer units have a higher rating. 

Please allow our Diagnostic Engineers to take a look at your specific HVAC system and home to help you make an informed decision on whether replacement or repair is the next best move for you. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers educated and want you to know all your options. Contact us today!

AIRE TEXAS AC Repair vs. Replace

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When you begin to notice issues with your HVAC system, call Aire Texas. Since 2010, we’ve proudly served Plano, TX and the surrounding areas, providing excellent customer service. If you’re experiencing issues with your current system, don’t wait until it’s too late. Calling Aire Texas at the beginning signs of an AC problem can not only save you money on the repair costs, but also help prolong the life of the AC unit. Call us at (972) 424-2473 today to schedule your Plano air conditioning services, whether that’s an air conditioner maintenance appointment, an AC repair, or a complete replacement. We’ll get the job done right the first time, every time.  

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