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Indoor Air Quality

Don’t Forget About Your Ducts!

Air ducts are a vital component of the air conditioning process. They are the transfer point for the cool air that is created by your AC to reach the rest of the rooms of your home. Since an air conditioner is louder and shinier, it can sometimes get all of the attention from a homeowner or even an HVAC technician, but that can lead to some bad results. Air duct

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Indoor Air Quality

Don’t Deal With Dirty Ducts

We’d like to start this blog post off by saying that we offer professional duct cleaning in Plano, TX. If you were to take anything away from this blog, we’d want it to be this. Air ducts need to be cleaned by professionals with specialized equipment. Otherwise, you risk damaging them and causing major efficiency problems for your HVAC system as a whole. So, if you’ve ever considered getting your

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