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Don’t Deal With Dirty Ducts


We’d like to start this blog post off by saying that we offer professional duct cleaning in Plano, TX. If you were to take anything away from this blog, we’d want it to be this. Air ducts need to be cleaned by professionals with specialized equipment. Otherwise, you risk damaging them and causing major efficiency problems for your HVAC system as a whole.

So, if you’ve ever considered getting your ducts cleaned, make sure you call our Plano indoor air quality professionals!

For homeowners who are less convinced about the necessity of duct cleaning services, let’s talk. We want to go over a few reasons why dirty ducts can not only be a problem for your indoor air quality, but can sabotage your air conditioner or heater from running efficiently. By planning ahead and investing in duct cleaning services, you can get the most out of your HVAC system and keep your home feeling fresh and clean!

What’s in Your Ducts?

When your HVAC system cycles air through your home, it can blow contaminants around. When we say contaminants, we’re not just talking about viruses and bacteria. We’re also talking about dust, debris, pet dander, allergens, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful particles that can lead to problems. While opening a window can help, and continuously cleaning your home can be a great idea as well, they’re not as helpful as you think.

When that dusty air is being cycled through your home, where do you think the dust goes if it doesn’t settle on your furniture or floor? It settles right in them, or perhaps even goes back into the HVAC system to gunk up your air filter. Years of living in a home could add several layers of dust to your air ducts to the point where the efficiency and comfort of your home are in jeopardy.

How Duct Cleaning Helps

When a professional from our team cleans your ducts, they use specialized equipment to remove all of the contaminants while leaving your ductwork intact. This duct cleaning process can provide a number of benefits that are sure to improve your lifestyle and the efficiency of your HVAC system.

  • It makes your home less stuffy. You wouldn’t believe the amount of dust that can settle in your air ducts. No wonder your home feels stuffy when you breathe in the air! Our duct cleaning services can remove this problem entirely.
  • It removes the contaminants from your home completely. Improper duct cleaning can just move the dust and contaminants from one area of your home to another. With our specialized equipment, we remove it from your home entirely.
  • It improves system efficiency and protects sensitive components. If dust is allowed to cycle through your HVAC system continuously, it can reduce your overall home efficiency and even cause damage to some sensitive components.
  • It can help eliminate odors. Dust and contaminants contribute to foul odors throughout your home. Cleaning your air ducts can be a great way of addressing this problem.

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