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furnace repair

Dealing with a Failing Heater

There’s nothing scarier to a homeowner than being in the middle of the winter or spring and your heater starts dying out of nowhere. It’s not just scary because you’re anticipating a large repair or replacement bill in the future, but it can also be downright dangerous if outdoor temperatures are too low. This is a fate that can and should ultimately be avoided. While having a catastrophic heater failure

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Heat Pumps

Common Heat Pump Problems

Heat pumps have only gotten more popular in our area recently. This means that there are more reasons we’re making service calls for problems that homeowners are encountering with their new heat pump system. While these units might be state-of-the-art and the technology is reliable, that doesn’t mean they’re immune to the standard issues that any heating or cooling system might experience. While we advise calling an Allen, TX HVAC

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Gas Energy Flames

The Benefits of a Gas Furnace Inspection

Depending on where you live, natural gas can be the cheapest fuel available for heating your home. It’s effective, efficient, and safe if you schedule inspection services. This is no joking matter since a leaking gas furnace can lead to serious health concerns and even death. Here’s a list of items that a gas furnace inspection can help mitigate: From the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 430 People

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