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Common Heat Pump Problems


Heat pumps have only gotten more popular in our area recently. This means that there are more reasons we’re making service calls for problems that homeowners are encountering with their new heat pump system. While these units might be state-of-the-art and the technology is reliable, that doesn’t mean they’re immune to the standard issues that any heating or cooling system might experience.

While we advise calling an Allen, TX HVAC contractor to be the first thing you do upon finding out that your heat pump isn’t working properly, it might be helpful to be able to pinpoint where the issue might be and provide a trustworthy technician with the information they need!

Let’s get into the problems you might be encountering with your heat pump, and keep in mind that the best solution for any issues like these lies with a certified, well-trained HVAC contractor.

Notorious Heat Pump Problems

As we said earlier, as heat pumps become more common here in Allen, TX, more homeowners will start to be aware of the common problems that can occur with them. No matter what these problems might be, we absolutely still recommend investing in a heat pump if it’s right for your home. Every product has its problems, and that shouldn’t deter you, in this case, from having a quality heating and cooling system!

  • Blowing cool air. If your heat pump is supposed to be heating and it’s stuck blowing cool air in the winter, then you’ve definitely got a problem. You could be suffering from issues ranging from a low refrigerant charge in your system to a poorly calibrated thermostat that’s too low or even faulty valves. A trustworthy Allen HVAC technician can easily get to the bottom of a problem like this.
  • Problematic sounds. If you hear a rattling coming from your heat pump, then you definitely need a professional to take a close look. There could be a loose screw or even a register out of place. Also, any grinding or squealing should also be inspected by a technician. Basically, the only noises you should be fine with are silence or the quiet blowing of air into your home.
  • Reversal valve is stuck. If you’re trying to switch your heat pump from cooling mode to heating mode and you’re finding that it’s not working—don’t panic. What this usually means is that the reversal valve is stuck or broken and needs to be replaced. Luckily, this is a fairly simple task for a professional, and your heat pump should be working after thorough service.
  • High energy bills. Lastly, if you’ve got higher than normal energy bills that are really starting to rack up—there could be a problem with your system’s efficiency. Let a pro know about that today.

Notice a trend? If you’ve got a heat pump problem that is giving you a strange noise, a problem with the heating process, or unsatisfactory heating, a professional heater repair technician is always the right person to get the problem fixed.

Ideally, with your input, a service professional can work together with you to keep your heat pump running effectively.

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