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It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace


While we might depend on these systems to keep us comfortable as the first line of defense against the cold, furnaces don’t last forever. Essentially they last for about 15 years in the best of cases, which means we’ve got to stay vigilant and responsive to the needs of our heaters.

That being said, there always comes a time when your heater just won’t stand to keep you comfortable anymore. When furnace repairs in Plano just won’t cut it anymore, you’ll need to turn to a team of professionals for comprehensive furnace replacement to keep your home safe and comfy.

Let’s take a look at some of the clearest signs that your furnace is coming up to the end of the line, so you can be better prepared when coordinating a furnace replacement.

Signs of a Failing Furnace

The reason why this is such an important thing to be prepared for is that a furnace breakdown can be downright dangerous if you’re not ready to deal with it. It can get cold and dry here in Plano, and it’s simply not an option to go the rest of the winter without a heater. So, let’s prepare ourselves with some signs of a furnace that’s about to go.

  • Age. If your furnace is 15 years old or more, then we implore you to look at replacement options. Furnaces, no matter how good they seem now or how nicely they heat your home, aren’t supposed to last past the 15-year mark. While certain parts of your furnace might still be functioning up to par, other components might start falling apart due to wear and tear, eventually leading to compounding problems, expensive repairs, and total system breakdowns.
  • Increased heating bills. Your heating bills should remain relatively consistent throughout the lifespan of your heater. When you compare heating bills to what you paid last year, or the year before that, and you notice a significant uptick—you might be dealing with a furnace that’s nearing the end of the line. Investigate in heater replacement if you’re tired of paying more than you should in heating costs!
  • Frequent repairs. No heater will run without any repairs in 15 years. However, there’s a difference between some repairs and frequent repairs that are expensive and disruptive to your life. If you’re constantly dealing with frequent heater repairs that don’t seem to quite set your system straight, it’s time to investigate a replacement heater.
  • Low heat output. Your heater has one job—to keep your home warm. If, for any reason at all, your heater can’t keep your home warm, then why are you paying for it to run throughout the winter? Sometimes heaters don’t work, especially when they near the end of their lifespan. When your heater approaches this point, consider investing in a replacement.

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Investing in a new furnace replacement doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team of Plano HVAC technicians is always available to help discuss what system could be right for your home and how to combat frigid temperatures in the most affordable and efficient way possible.

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