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Too Hot? We Can Help!

When it’s too hot, it can be hard to function at all. Temperatures are going to be swelling into the nineties for the weeks to come before Fall officially rolls in. While September might be starting soon, it would be silly to assume we won’t have any more hot days here in Plano. With super-high temperatures, what can a homeowner do? What if your air conditioner breaks down from working

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Ways to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly
Air Conditioning

4 Ways to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly!

We often find homeowners sitting at home wishing they could help their air conditioner cool the place on a hot summer’s day. We understand why someone without HVAC knowledge may not grasp the intricacies of AC technology. Today, we’re here to tell you that there are a few things you can do to help give your AC that extra kick on the hottest days of the year. We’re not talking

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