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Too Hot? We Can Help!

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When it’s too hot, it can be hard to function at all. Temperatures are going to be swelling into the nineties for the weeks to come before Fall officially rolls in. While September might be starting soon, it would be silly to assume we won’t have any more hot days here in Plano.

With super-high temperatures, what can a homeowner do? What if your air conditioner breaks down from working too hard, or perhaps it starts struggling to keep up? That’s where we come in.

We’re the experts of air conditioning in Plano, TX. We’ll provide you with a list of sensible tips to deal with the hottest days of the year. If you’re encountering a struggling AC or a heat pump that needs help, we’ll be the team that can be there fast to help.

What Can You Do?

Too many homeowners sit with a struggling air conditioner and relegate themselves to thinking there’s nothing they can do to help. That’s absolutely not true! Think of your home comfort as a continual project, something that needs your help all the time. Just because your air conditioner is struggling to function doesn’t mean you have to sit there and take it!

Call for Repairs Quickly

We’d like to make this clear. When your air conditioner starts struggling to keep your home cool, you should always contact us for Plano AC repair. We won’t shame you or make you feel bad for not being as attentive as you should be, we’re only interested in making sure your system runs properly.

The earlier you call a professional for repairs, the better. Problems often compound in an air conditioner, leading inevitably either to a breakdown or dramatic loss in efficiency. When you call for repairs promptly, you can help to avoid both of these results!

Schedule Maintenance

Are you worried that your AC is struggling but you don’t know specifically what’s wrong with it? That’s not a problem, we can perform an inspection on the system that will locate any issues. Maintenance appointments are great preventative solutions to problems that might be beginning in your system. The only thing you have to do is call us to schedule it! Air conditioning maintenance involves the following few tricks to help your AC out:

  • Increase efficiency and longevity. When a professional provides maintenance, they can really get a good look at how efficient your system is. On those hot days, this can be immensely important since your AC will be more well-equipped to deal with them after a maintenance appointment.
  • Minor adjustments. Maintenance allows for a professional to provide lubrication on ball bearings, tighten screws, and lug nuts, as well as make things run smoothly.
  • Minor repairs. If you don’t know whether there’s a problem in your system or not, we’ll still be able to locate it regardless. We can fix minor issues before they become major when you sign up for maintenance.

Between calling us for fast repairs or scheduling preventative maintenance, you can ensure that your AC doesn’t have to struggle in vain on a hot day. Make sure you keep up with our additional list of ways to help your struggling AC if you want more DIY solutions!

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