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Nighttime Temperatures Vs. Daytime Temperatures

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We’re officially in 2022, which means that we’ve got to start planning for spring and summer! However, as we all know, the cold hasn’t really left us yet and we won’t really see an ease on our heating systems until warmer months roll around. We’re still in the thick of winter, which means we’ve got to make sure that we stay warm and safe.

We’d like to approach a specific topic today in regards to heating in Richardson, TX. The difference between our chilly nighttime temperatures and our warmer daytime temperature can cause homeowners to have trouble choosing a powerful heating system. We get a lot of fluctuation between night and day, which is why we need to remind our customers of some important factors to consider when looking at their heating systems.

Let’s talk about how you can better prepare for fluctuating temperatures.

The Best Heater for Fluctuating Temperatures

Here in Texas, temperatures fluctuate between the daytime and the nighttime. Even more, the temperature can fluctuate between seasons, so all bets are off when trying to figure out how hot or cold it will be in the next few weeks or even days. This is why the best way to prepare from our perspective, is to have a system that’s perfectly capable of combatting cold temperatures while also being able to cool your home when things heat up.

This all depends on whether you have maintenance performed on your system and if you already have a central air conditioner in your house. We’ll explain below.

Gas Furnace

If you’ve got a central AC system installed in your home to help deal with cold winters, then you’ve got a problem—getting a heat pump would be redundant. These systems are powerful heaters, but they’re also cooling systems, which means you just need a heater that’s powerful enough to combat the chilly temperatures that our winter nights give us.

Gas furnaces are great choices for many homeowners who are confronted by cold temperatures but who already have an air conditioner. This system is powerful, efficient, and one of the most affordable heating units on the market. This will help you make it through the next 10 winters as long as it’s maintained properly!

Heat Pumps

For all homeowners that don’t have a cooling system, we highly advise you to invest in a heat pump. As we mentioned earlier, this technology will cool your home throughout the summer and keep it warm during our chilly nights and winters.

Even when things drop below freezing, which they sometimes do here in Richardson, a heat pump will be able to heat your home as long as it’s in good shape. Why not invest in a ductless heat pump system too if your home doesn’t have ductwork at all?

Sign Up for Maintenance Twice a Year

Don’t forget that if you already have a powerful heating system installed in your home, that you get it maintained by a professional. This will be a great way to ensure that it’s ready and willing to keep your home comfortable without consuming too much energy or fuel.

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