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Is Only Half of Your House Feeling Heat?

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When you’re in need of some advice or help, you can always count on our team for a comfort consultation. Not every issue has to be handled in an expensive repair or a full heating system replacement; sometimes we can identify the source of your problem and let you figure out what you want to do to fix it.

If your heater is working but it’s only providing heat to half of your house, that’s a big problem. There could be a few reasons behind it, and only a trained and certified Plano HVAC technician can accurately diagnose the problem and give you some solutions. We’re experts on heating in Plano, TX, and we want to work with you to keep your whole entire house warm this season, which is why we’d like to talk about how this problem can get to be as bad as it is.

You’ve Added On to Your Home

New home additions are awesome, and we fully recommend them to homeowners who are looking to expand. If you’ve got a porch or a shed that would likely make a great new room, then they can make excellent mud rooms and other useful additions to your house. However, there’s one small caveat to this—your heating system is going to be overburdened trying to heat the new amount of space.

Think about it, when you wall in a new section of your house and you start heating it, this is a huge cubic volume of air to add to the burden of your heating system. Air disperses pretty evenly, which means that your heating system is going to have to work much harder to achieve the same results, resulting in wear and tear or high heating bills. Get your heating system evaluated by our team when you add on new space and we’ll see what we can do.

You’ve Added Windows, Doors, or Vaulted Your Ceilings

Windows, doors, and vaulted ceilings add beautiful aesthetic pleasure to your home, but they also come with an increased load for your heating system. Windows can often be thinner than insulated walls and will allow more heat to escape (and the sunlight during the summer can add to the burden on your air conditioner). Doors are constantly opening and closing which also makes things more difficult. And vaulted ceilings add more space and the heat created by your system is going to rise to that ceiling before you have a chance to feel it!

Your Heating System Is Aging

Simply put, if your heating system is getting too old, it might not be able to comfortably heat your home without running into a problem. This could result in only half of your home being heated at a time, which is both a nuisance and can be really hard on your family during an exceptionally cold winter.

There’s a Broken or Missing Component

Sometimes when a heating system can’t fully heat your home, it’s because there’s a component that’s broken, misaligned, or completely missing. This can easily be fixed by professional repairs, but it’s up to you to call us and give us the go-ahead!

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