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The Dos and Don’ts of Commercial Heating Care

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From one company to another, we can understand how enticing it must be to fix a problem on your own. The more issues you can fix with you and your staff, the less money you’ll have to pay in the end, and that alone can make the risk feel worth it. However, in the field of commercial HVAC in Richardson, TX, this might not be accurate.

There are a wide amount of risks when it comes to this kind of work. A faulty heating system that’s fixed by untrained individuals can end up costing a lot more money than the commercial services our team provides. Not to mention the fact that uncomfortable guests, tenants, and customers will cease coming to your place of business when they realize the HVAC system is not functioning properly.

Today we’d like to lay out a simple list of things you can do as a business owner and things you should leave to us!

What You Should Do As a Business Owner

Business owners in Richardson already have a lot on their plate. This is why we want to be as time-conscious as possible when talking about things that we think you might be able to do on your own that certainly won’t waste your time.

  • Find the most qualified professionals. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the most qualified team of pros and prices that make sense to you. A good team is going to be worth the money.
  • Stay vigilant and protective of your HVAC system. If something sounds like it’s encountering problems, like your commercial heating system is rattling or you’re seeing a spike in heating bills, don’t be afraid to call our team for support. Your vigilance will pay off!
  • Don’t compromise on your comfort standards. If customers are unhappy with the temperatures inside your establishment, then you should take their needs into consideration when you contact a team for support. Tell us about how hot or cold your indoor air should be and we’ll work as hard as possible to achieve that goal with your heating system.
  • Take concerns from customers and clients. Is your air stuffy or do you feel like your heater is making things dry? Your customers and clients will tell you, and then you can relay that information to us!

What You Shouldn’t Do As a Business Owner

Now, here are some things that will ultimately lead you down a path of expensive bills and headaches if you try to do them yourself.

  • Try to fix your HVAC system yourself. Whatever you do, don’t try to open up your commercial HVAC system and fix it yourself.
  • Install new products. A new heating accessory or air purifier might look like a system you can install on your own, but you could see a botched installation and expensive bills down the line when you try to do this work yourself.
  • Skip maintenance. Remember to invest in professional HVAC maintenance every year for your heating and cooling systems!

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