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Furnaces: Pros, Cons, and Things to Consider

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Do you have a furnace in your home? We’re betting you do. Most homes in our area have either gas or electric furnaces. So, if you’re one of the lucky homeowners to own a furnace, or perhaps you’re thinking about owning one, take a look at our breakdown below.

Homeowners might like how their furnaces operate, but they lack an understanding of how these systems work. In a world where knowledge is power, we want to make it clear that the more you know about your furnace, the better off you’ll probably be when you require furnace repair in Allen, TX.

There are many things to learn! From pros to cons, and everything in between, it’s time to get to know your furnace better and become a more informed consumer. Isn’t this exciting?

Let’s Start with the Pros

If you’re thinking of starting out your home heating technology with a furnace, then we’ve got some great news for you. These systems are becoming increasingly more efficient, affordable, and clean-burning every year. Between gas furnaces and electric furnaces, you’ve got two of the most easily adaptable heating systems to choose from that will likely make you happy. Here are some of the best reasons to invest in a furnace.

  1. Repairs are simpler. Every HVAC technician knows how to work with a furnace; they’re some of the oldest and most common heating systems on the market! If you’re dreading furnace repairs in the future, then this is a good thing to remember.
  2. They work. No matter how warm or cold our winters are, a furnace will always keep you warm. Granted, gas furnaces do the job a little better during frigid winters. You shouldn’t run into any efficiency problems because of the cold.
  3. They’re affordable. Many families just don’t want to think about their heating. They want the most cost-effective option, which in many cases is a furnace!

The Cons of a Furnace

Whether it’s gas or electric, a furnace might not be the right choice for everyone. We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but we want to remind you of the reasons people don’t choose furnaces because there are other systems out there to choose from! Here are some reasons why people avoid investing in furnaces.

  1. They operate one way. Furnaces heat your home and that’s it. While heat pumps and other heating systems might heat and cool your home, these systems don’t.
  2. Many function on natural gas. That means they’re burning gas. While they’re absolutely safe to use, we understand homeowners who are a little apprehensive of using a heating system based on combustion.
  3. They use ductwork. If you don’t have air ducts in your home, then investing in a furnace means investing in ductwork. There are ductless heating systems for homes that are looking for an alternative.

What to Consider

When faced with a furnace repair, it’s important to remember what we just talked about. You could always replace your aging furnace that requires constant repairs with a system that better suits your needs and your home. Consider what factors are important to you and your family, and give us a call when you need help.

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