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3 Winter Woes and Our Trusted Solutions

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Leaking refrigerant? Are carbon monoxide detectors going off? Strange noises from a hard-working heater? Wintertime can be tough for our heating systems, even when temperatures are mild. We put them through the wringer, and it’s important to give them the care they need, whether that’s routine heater maintenance or calling for repairs at the moment a problem is encountered.

For the homeowners who are struggling with heating in Denton, TX, this blog post is for you. Those winter woes that you dealt with this winter, last winter or practically every winter should be stopped. We’ll talk about some common problems with heat pumps and furnaces at this time of year so our customers can better know when to call our team for help.

Things can get better. Your heater can be fixed, and your life can return to normal. You just might need a nudge in the right direction!

1. Your Heat Pump Is Leaking Refrigerant

This problem sometimes catches homeowners off guard. A lot of people use heat pumps to keep their homes warm during our mild winters, and that means there are quite a few heat pump problems we repair. Homeowners mistakenly believe that “refrigerant,” because it’s so close to the word refrigerator, is only used to cool your home and not used to heat it. In fact, the refrigerant in a heat pump system is used to both heat and cool.

This is important. If your heat pump starts leaking refrigerant at any point, it will impact the system’s ability to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. What would sound like a minor problem can actually be a huge cause for a breakdown when left neglected.

If you notice the peculiar hissing or bubbling of a leaking refrigerant line, or if you’re noticing that your heat pump can’t quite heat your home properly and that your bills are starting to rise, call us to have this issue repaired immediately.

2. Detector Problems

Detectors are important in your home when you have a gas furnace. They’re the front line of defense against fire hazards, carbon monoxide leaks, and anything else that could be coming from a malfunctioning heater.

If you’re encountering beeping detectors, first ensure it’s not detecting anything malicious. Call our team to inspect your furnace to see if any gas, CO, or other exhaust fumes are leaking from the system. Once you’ve made sure it’s safe, then it’s a good idea to install new batteries in your detectors and get them inspected as well. Do not, under any circumstances, take them off your ceilings or walls because they’re obnoxious.

3. Noises From Your Heater

Heaters that are going through a difficult time during the winter will often start making noises to signal their problems. Think about it: when you’re running a marathon, you start to get sloppy and make certain noises as you near the finish line. Your heater is getting tired and needs help if it’s making peculiar noises.

Anything from screeching to squealing, rumbling, bumping, booming, hissing, or rattling should be repaired. Call us today to have these problems addressed with efficient heater repair services in Plano, TX, and the surrounding areas!

Aire Texas Heating and Air Conditioning can help your heater and keep you safe. Just give us a call. Doing it right the first time, every time!


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