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Our 5 Essential Heating Repairs

Our 5 Essential Heating Repairs

We don’t have to tell you about how faulty heaters can be, especially heaters that are getting up there in age. You’re probably accustomed to dealing with one, two, maybe even five common heater problems that need repair. The big difference we’re going to talk about today is the essential heating repairs in Allen, TX. This refers to the kinds of repairs that you just shouldn’t, under any circumstances, delay or ignore.

Repairs that are ignored can bring about some bad habits in a home. For starters, repairs that are delayed or ignored can become a safety concern. Your comfort can be impacted, and eventually, you could start suffering from surprise breakdowns on the coldest days of the year. Yeah, it’s not pretty.

We’re here to help. Follow along with our list of essential heater repairs and make sure you call us if you need help and want to avoid further problems.

Repair #1: A Cracked Heat Exchanger

How much does your gas furnace vibrate when it runs? Does it shake violently or just vibrate a little bit? Does it make noise with each and every cycle? Regardless of how bad this kind of thing is, it should absolutely be a cause for concern.

The heat exchanger is the metal component that’s responsible for separating the air in your home and the byproduct gases that come from the combustion process. Without the heat exchanger, you could be dealing with leaking carbon monoxide and gas. Vibrations and shaking can ruin the integrity of the heat exchanger and cause it to crack, which can cause those serious leaks. Get this kind of problem checked out immediately.

Repair #2: Poor Heat Levels

When you run your heating system, it should provide enough heat for your home as easily as possible. If you find it struggling to produce even lukewarm air from your vents, and you’re constantly reaching for the blankets and sweatshirts, then you need to get the system repaired.

This just isn’t acceptable for a heating system. We pay so much for these kinds of units that we shouldn’t have to deal with ones that barely even work.

Repair #3: Cold Spots

Cold spots can be felt when you move from one room to another. Sometimes there’s a running joke in a family that a specific room has “ghosts” or just doesn’t get heated to the same level as all the others. While it might sound quirky or funny, it’s a pretty serious sign that there’s something wrong with your heating system.

Repair #4: Poor Efficiency Problem

Another problem that we’d like to highlight is high energy or fuel bills. Homeowners might not think that an inefficient heating system is a problem requiring repairs, but it absolutely is. Your heater should only consume a nominal amount of energy or fuel. Anything beyond that, you’ll be paying for, which could make a serious dent in your wallet. This can be fixed by our team.

Repair #5: Broken Electrical Component

A gas furnace or other heating system still relies on electrical components to turn it on and off. If your system is having breakdowns and trouble turning on or off, it could be due to a faulty contactor or another electrical component that’s been worn down. Failed components, frayed wires, water damage, and other issues can lead to the ruination of a heater’s electrical system.

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