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Why We Train Our AC Repair Technicians In-House

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This might seem like a strange topic to talk about in a blog post, but we promise you that you’ll get a lot out of it. HVAC technicians come in all shapes and sizes in our areas, but when it comes to education, it really depends on the company you work with. Some HVAC providers have a bare minimum of training they provide for their technicians, which often leads to a drop in quality and some hazardous fixes on newer technology.

The team at Aire Texas realizes how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. There are constantly new pieces of cooling equipment coming out, so we work as hard as we can to train our staff and ensure the next AC repair in Plano, TX we provide is high quality.

By training in-house, we become contributing members of the community, we get close to being the best in the industry, and we make learning about new equipment an enjoyable experience.

We Find Potential

It’s important that every technician who works on repairing your air conditioner has a NATE certification, is licensed, and is insured. This is a must, and we understand how vital it is. It doesn’t matter if we’re plugging a refrigerant leak or replacing a compressor, it always needs to be done by a qualified professional. That being said, how do most technicians get these qualifications in the first place?

Unfortunately, education can be expensive. There are many bright and dedicated people who want to go into the HVAC field but might not have the money to do so. When we train technicians in-house, it means we can invest in the success of our employees. If you’ve got the drive, the talent, and the work ethic of an HVAC technician, then we as a company will do whatever it takes to set you on the path for your certifications. By investing in our education and not relying on others doing it for us, we’re setting our own team up for success down the road.

It’s About Investing in the Community

Companies that don’t train their technicians in-house must rely on the market to provide qualified technicians. This could draw people from out of state (which is great), but it can leave less qualified people in our very own community with no option to go forward in the HVAC industry. Either they spend their own money to get trained, or they get left behind.

When we provide our own in-house training program for air conditioning repair technicians, we can help lift our own community when it needs help. Young people in Plano who are smart and adept with technology can work with us to get the right licensing, education, and experience required to start being a high-quality professional technician.

Invest in Our Dream By Calling Us

When you call our Plano HVAC service technicians for air conditioning repair, you will always get a licensed professional who is ahead of the curve on technology in the field. But you’ll also get a local, someone who has probably lived in Plano for their whole life and loves this community as much as we do. By calling us, you’re supporting a local business and in response, your own community!

Call Aire Texas Heating and Air Conditioning. We’re doing it right the first time, every time!


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