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5 Tips for Springtime AC Care

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It’s spring! While the past few weeks have felt like the dead of winter, we’re finally getting a break! This isn’t time for celebration yet, because before we know it temperatures are going to be breaking records in the opposite direction and your AC might not be able to handle it.

That’s not to say that air conditioning in Plano, TX isn’t meant to handle our scorching hot temperatures. Most AC systems are designed robustly and with the idea that they’ll keep you cool all summer long. But some homeowners need a little push towards the right direction, especially if they have an air conditioner that is really struggling.

Here are some common repairs that your AC could need before temperatures get really hot. It’s important to know what to look for so you don’t ever get surprised by your malfunctioning AC.

Tip 1: Your Filter Needs Attention

Remember your air filter? That pesky thing you needed to replace every few months in your air conditioner so that it could work properly? Chances are it’s got some dust on it that needs to be cleaned off before your air conditioner starts for the season.

Here’s a quick thought—before you just start up your AC for another hot summer, take a look at the return air duct and your air filter. How does it look? If it’s in rough shape, now is the perfect time to invest in a new filter so that your system starts off on the right foot.

Tip 2: Start Things off Mild

Too many homeowners just want to hit the ground running with their air conditioners, which causes problems. The first chance they get, they’ll turn it on full blast and set the dial down to the low 60s. This isn’t reasonable, it’ll waste energy and money, and it’s just not really possible.

An air conditioner can’t really cool beyond about 20° below the outside temperature. So, on that first 90° day we get, don’t assume your system can reasonably cool your home below 70°. If your system can’t even cool your home to a mild extent, though, then you’re better off calling us!

Tip 3: It’s Noisy

We get a whole stack of calls on the first hot day of the year from homeowners who didn’t realize how noisy their air conditioners were. Whether it’s a problem from the end of last season or an issue that’s just cropped up now, a noisy air conditioner is bad news bears. Our team can target the problem, fix it, or replace the broken component and leave you in better shape.

Tip 4: It’s Expensive!

An AC can lose efficiency due to a problem that has gone unaddressed. If your air conditioner is running and soaking up all the energy in your home, causing your bills to skyrocket, then there’s something wrong with it. Our Plano AC repair techs can help!

Tip 5: It’s Unmaintained

This isn’t much of a repair need, but it’s necessary nonetheless. An air conditioner requires maintenance each and every year. Springtime serves as the perfect time to get air conditioning maintenance service out of the way so you avoid the vast majority of repairs that could crop up this summer.

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