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Don’t Let Your AC Make These Noises

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Air conditioners aren’t supposed to make any noises, except for the sound you normally hear when it’s working perfectly. This can range anywhere from the whooshing of air gently coming from the vents, to the creaking of your air ducts as they expand and contract due to the sudden temperature change. If you hear anything other than these few noises, our team can help.

However, the problem with air conditioner noises is that homeowners actually have to notify us when they suspect something is wrong. We don’t live in your home (we’re sure you probably already knew that) so we can’t tell when your AC is making a noise that signals the need for repair. Only you can make that decision, and tell us when you need help.

So, let’s help you discover when you need AC repair in Frisco, TX by combing through the various noises your system could be making.

Noises Signal Repairs

Before we get into the individual noises, it’s important to remember one point. Noises are never good. You might think that your air conditioner still provides quality cooling power to your home while it makes that grinding sound, but you’d be only half right. Efficiency, comfort, and even the lifespan of the system can all suffer due to problems that might not be obvious at the moment they spring up. Staying vigilant and playing whack-a-mole with the problems in your air conditioner is the only serious way to avoid expensive AC repair problems down the line.


If your air conditioner is squealing, there’s a good chance it’s got a frayed or damaged motor belt. Your air conditioner relies on rubber belts in the blower motor to provide air throughout your home. Without these blower systems, the cool air will likely just sit inside your air conditioner and not be felt in the rooms of your home. So, if you hear squealing, chances are high that your blower motor needs help.


Buzzing usually signifies an electrical problem. Just like when you’ve got a broken appliance like a dishwasher or a laundry machine, a broken electrical unit in an air conditioner will make a buzzing noise as it uses electricity and causes problems. By calling us, we can repair the electrical control system of your air conditioner or even replace it, which usually isn’t that expensive.

Bubbling and Hissing

Bubbling and hissing noises are almost always associated with a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant leaks are pretty awful and need to be dealt with quickly because they can likely result in lowered efficiency, AC problems down the line, and a decrease in cooling output throughout your home. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioner and as it leaks out, you’re likely losing a lot of money.

And More!

We could keep talking for hours about the noises an air conditioner makes, but the reality is that it’s really up to you. If you notice a sound that’s either uncomfortable, new, or that gives you a bad feeling, you can call us for prompt Plano AC service. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the health of your air conditioner.

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