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Is Your Heater Making This Noise? Here’s Why


We’re entering the final stretch of the winter, so it’s no surprise that many homes are starting to deal with heater problems. One of those problems might be some kind of sound that you weren’t expecting your heating system to make. What gives? How does a heater make that kind of noise?

Well, heating service in Wylie, TX isn’t as simple as it used to be. These units are complex and sometimes they make noises when they operate ineffectively or inefficiently. Paying attention to these noises and parsing out the difference between them can be a great way for a homeowner to determine what’s wrong.

When you’ve pinpointed what the noise is, we urge you to give the heating service pros at Aire Texas a call. Telling us what sound you’re hearing, what you think the noise is, and what could be wrong is a lot of information for us to start going with heating repair!

Heater Noises and What They Mean

Confused as to what language your heater is speaking? Don’t worry; we can help. Check below for our comprehensive heater noise list so you can figure out what your heater is trying to say. Once you’ve got a clear idea, or even if you’re confused as to which noise it’s making, you can always give us a call.

  • Rattling. Many homeowners call us about a rattling problem that they think isn’t that big of a deal. We’re always glad to hear about this kind of issue because—even if it doesn’t sound like a big deal—it is one! Rattling can be from some loose component or screw that’s causing trouble. Eventually, that loose part can bump into another part and cause compounding problems. This isn’t good.
  • Booming. Sometimes grime and soot will form on the gas injectors and burners of your furnace system. This naturally happens over time and through lack of maintenance. That grime could inhibit the burner’s ability to light the gas, causing gas to build up and eventually burn all at once in a miniature explosion. This is what you hear when there’s a boom in your furnace, and it’s not a good sign.
  • Squealing. Ball bearings and joints in your heater need to be lubricated every so often. Rubber belts need to be replaced as well. Since things dry out when temperatures get low during the winter, your system can start to squeal when it runs low on lubrication or the belts begin to fray.
  • Clicking. Clicking is almost always the result of an electrical problem. Your heater does need electricity to turn on and off, and if it’s constantly clicking then it’s likely having trouble getting enough electricity, or perhaps it’s tripping the circuits.
  • Screeching. This is never a good sign, period. While we know that all of these sounds aren’t good, screeching might be the worst. Any sound that’s so loud that it makes you uncomfortable is often a lot worse than you think. There could be a large component in your system that’s misaligned and creating metal-on-metal contact or something else that might be causing serious damage to your heating system.

Do any of these sound familiar? We have your back if you need help. Call Aire Texas today. Doing it right the first time, every time!


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