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Three Needs for Air Duct Repairs in Plano

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Air ducts are one of those systems that we still rely on, even if there’s technology out there that avoids using them. Ductless heat pumps are great if your air ducts are in such bad shape that you’d rather avoid using them altogether. But for many homeowners, that’s just not an option. Centralized systems can work efficiently, but that requires air ducts that are in relatively good shape.

So, this blog post will be dedicated to those instances where you might need air duct repairs in Plano, TX. We’re going to discuss how air ducts can fall into disrepair, what that’s likely to do to your air conditioner, and why it’s important that you hire a professional to take care of this.

Our team prides itself on being the one-stop shop for all things HVAC. From AC repairs to air duct repairs and replacements, we do it right the first time—every time!

Small Leaks and Holes Must Be Sealed

First of all, if your air ducts are in good shape, there still might be minor problems that you just can’t see or hear. This is why we still advise homeowners to call us for duct testing and sealing. We can inspect your air ducts and use high-tech air pressure technology to ensure that air goes from point A to point B when traveling through your ductwork. We’ll be able to detect small leaks and holes if they’re there.

These types of leaks can be a big problem because they’re harder to notice right off the bat. But they can severely affect your energy efficiency and cause you to spend an increased amount on your monthly energy or fuel bills throughout the year. Make sure that your air ducts are in great shape going forward so you don’t have to deal with the results of leaks and gaps.

Large Gaps and Broken Sections of Air Ducts

Larger gaps and holes in air ducts can be a whole different type of problem. This probably means that one or more rooms in your home just aren’t getting the adequate cooling or heating that’s required to be comfortable. What an awful situation!

These types of problems can be fixed by our team with air duct repair services. Simply put, we can install new sheet metal to your air ducts if one or more sides are simply falling apart or losing integrity. We’ll then be able to test your air ducts to ensure that they’re working properly before we leave.

Complete Disrepair

Sometimes air ducts can fall into complete disrepair. It happens, and we surely won’t blame anyone. Even after just ten years, an air duct system can fail to provide basic amounts of cooled or heated air to the majority of a home. Don’t let these ducts stop you from being comfortable.

Our team provides air duct replacement if we think that your ducts might be beyond saving. We can simply take the old air ducts out and install new ones that do the job right.

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