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Heat pumps are amazing systems to invest in. They’re perfect for certain homes, certain climates, and even certain customers, but many people still just don’t know about the technology. We’re here to change that one blog post at a time!

This is going to be a detailed dive into everything that has to do with heat pumps. Not only are heat pumps great air conditioning installations in Plano, TX that can keep your home comfortable throughout the summer, but they’ll also provide you with exceptional heat during the winter. This dual-purpose system is an amazing innovation, and if you’re ready to learn more, then make sure you keep reading!

For everyone else, our team is ready and willing to provide you with fast AC installations. Springtime is the perfect season to start looking ahead and investing in a powerful air conditioner that will keep you cool and comfy.

How It Works: Heat Pump Technology

Let’s start with the basics. Heat pumps operate in a similar fashion to central air conditioners. They cycle refrigerant from an evaporator coil to a condenser coil. When the refrigerant evaporates, it draws in heat with it, causing the space around it to cool down. When the refrigerant condenses outdoors, it disperses that contained heat outside, where you can’t feel it! This is what we call the cooling cycle and it keeps happening until your space is cooled to the temperature listed on your thermostat.

Heat pumps essentially move heat from one location to another, which cools the area that heat is taken away from. This is also why heat pumps are so energy efficient! They move heat instead of creating new heat, so the energy they consume is used to move the heat rather than do anything else.

The Reversing Valve

Here’s where things get interesting. A heat pump is not a central air conditioner for many reasons, but here is the biggest one. There’s a component in a heat pump called the reversing valve that lets the system run in the opposite direction.

This means it’s going to pull heat from the outdoors and disperse it inside so you can feel warmer on chillier days. This effect is amazing during our mild winters or when you’ve just got one cold day and the rest of the year is fairly mild.

Heat Pumps Come in Ductless Form

Heat pumps also come in ductless form! Ductless mini splits run similarly to normal heat pumps, except the outdoor condenser unit hooks up to indoor air handlers called “mini splits.” These mini splits just propel treated air into your home with a dedicated fan system. These systems work very well and they’re extremely energy efficient since no air will be lost through leaky air ducts!

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Heat pumps are complicated. They’re going to look different in each home where there’s an installation performed. This is why it’s so important that you get our team to install your next heat pump. Relax and enjoy the warming weather—we’ll take care of your Plano heat pump service needs!

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