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We’ve been talking about heating services for the past few months because, let’s face it, it’s been chilly! Now, temperatures are going to start rising and it’s important to think ahead towards the cooling season. If you’re looking at keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently through this summer and the next, then we’d advise you to schedule an AC maintenance appointment as soon as possible.

We’ll get into the details on what happens during maintenance and how you can benefit, but we’d like to make one thing abundantly clear. When you invest in an air conditioning service in Plano, TX like maintenance, it feels a lot better. We’re not just talking about the temperature in your home, but the peace of mind you get knowing that you made a sound financial decision. It feels great when a licensed technician from our team gives you the go-ahead for another season.

What You Get With AC Maintenance

AC maintenance is a valuable service for many reasons. Let’s start with the most important:

  • Efficiency. In this day and age, energy is one of the biggest expenses of our lives. The creation of energy, whether it’s from a hydroelectric plant or oil burners, costs money. That money comes right out of your paycheck every month, so the more efficient your AC system is, the lower the monthly cost you’ll be paying. Our team works hard to secure high-efficiency ratings for air conditioners when we’re given ample time to perform maintenance.
  • Longevity. An air conditioner is designed to last between 10-15 years of age, but that only comes with routine, yearly maintenance. When you allow our team to maintain your cooling technology, you can feel confident that your AC will last as long as it’s supposed to!
  • Fewer repair needs. Nothing is more obnoxious than needing to call for professional support multiple times a year. Especially if you live off the beaten path, it’s going to be harder for us to address your needs. With maintenance, you’ll deal with fewer AC repair needs and save yourself some money in the process!
  • Better performance. There’s no question about it; your AC will perform better when you get it maintained every year.

Unique Perks

Here are some unique benefits you get to being part of our Cool Club maintenance program!

  • Priority service. If your maintained AC unit does run into problems, our team will be there to help you. Jump to the front of the line with priority service when you join our program.
  • Lifetime repair guarantee. We stand by every fix we make, but we’ll guarantee your work when you’re part of our maintenance agreement.
  • Free service call every year. We waive things like service call fees for members of our maintenance agreement!

The truth is that you stand to gain a huge amount of benefits, perks, and savings when you join our maintenance program. We won’t leave you in the dust, and your AC system will perform more effectively and efficiently than before. Before temperatures get hot, we think you should call us and schedule an appointment this spring!

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