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Could You Use a Ductless Air Conditioner?

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In our opinion, not enough homeowners in the Plano area know about the benefits of a ductless air conditioner. These systems sometimes do much better in homes that would have otherwise gotten a central air conditioner if not for them finding out about the benefits that a ductless system can provide.

From homes without air ducts to homeowners who are dedicated to improving efficiency levels, ductless AC systems are uniquely perfect for many people in our area. If you’re looking for AC installation in Plano, we’re politely asking you to consider your options. We don’t want any homeowner diving into such an expensive investment without being fully informed on all the other types of systems out there. A ductless AC could be perfect for you and your family!

How It’s Right

When a ductless air conditioner is right for a home, it’s absolutely perfect. The truth is that most homeowners say no to a ductless system before they even know whether or not they’re right for it. Let’s see if your home is the perfect spot for a ductless AC.

  • Increased efficiency. Ductless air conditioners run more efficiently than your standard central AC unit since it doesn’t leak air through ductwork, and the air handlers can be strategically placed throughout your home to maximize efficiency.
  • Customized comfort. By placing air handlers throughout your home, your family doesn’t have to fight over the temperature anymore. Each air handler can cool an area specific to your family’s temperature needs to create a customized and effective cooling solution.
  • Heating solution. Ductless air conditioners are heat pumps, which means they can function in reverse and heat your home as well. This is absolutely perfect in areas like Plano, where our winters are mild and we just need an affordable heating solution that works.
  • Better air quality. Air ducts can often become caked in dust and debris. Since the air doesn’t have to travel through ductwork, you’ll enjoy having cleaner and fresher air that comes directly from the unit itself.

How It’s Wrong

When we say a ductless system could be perfect for your home, we’re not saying it’s perfect for every home. Let’s take a look at why some homeowners might not invest in one.

  • Higher initial price. Ductless systems aren’t as affordable, relatively speaking, as a central air conditioner. That being said, the difference is usually minor, and the efficiency of a ductless system can often cover that difference in a few years of operation.
  • Heater. If you’ve already got an efficient and effective heating system that uses your air ducts, then purchasing a ductless heat pump could be a waste of money—since reversing the heat pump to heat your home is redundant when you already have a heater.
  • Maintenance. Maintenance is vital to be performed on a ductless system because it functions year-round as a cooling and heating system. That means it requires two maintenance appointments per year at minimum.

Obviously, many homeowners are fine with the higher asking price and scheduling maintenance visits, and if you’re one of them—give our Plano HVAC technicians at Aire Texas a call for a ductless AC system today!

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