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Between AC Repairs: How Long Should It Be?

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We often run into homeowners who are frustrated because they just had their air conditioner repaired a year or two ago. AC repairs, just like car or home repairs, can be expensive and they’re not something you can easily plan for. When something goes wrong, it goes wrong and needs to be fixed, and you likely never get a heads up when you’d like one.

We completely understand. We’re not here to blame homeowners or try to convince you that you should pay an obscene amount of money for your air conditioner because “everyone else is.” There’s a time and place for AC service in Plano, TX, and the more frequent these repairs, the more likely you need a permanent solution like an AC replacement.

Let’s talk about the time that you should see between each AC repair and why this matters in the long run.

Three Repair Schedule Breakdowns

We’d like to divide this blog post into three segments. Each of these will detail a different amount of time between repair needs. If you’re frustrated with your frequently broken or malfunctioning air conditioner, locate which timeframe fits your home the most and read about what we might suggest in your given situation.

Remember that every air conditioner is different, and your home might have unique circumstances that cause the system to run differently. Nothing, in this case, will substitute a good, old-fashioned AC service call!

Repairs Once or Twice in the System’s Lifespan

If you’re frustrated that your air conditioner needs to be repaired for the second time since you initially purchased it years ago, we’d like to help with some perspective. Air conditioners do require repairs throughout their lifespans, and since they’re only designed to last anywhere from 10–15 years, having one repaired once or twice is normal.

We urge all AC owners who are encountering only one or two repair needs to stick with their system and work with a team of professionals to get it fixed. These systems are long-lasting, and one or two repairs should never be a signal for replacement (unless it’s an unusually expensive repair).

Repairs Every Year or Two

This is where things get a bit tricky. If your air conditioner needs repairs every year or two, then you’re venturing into the territory of wear and tear. We mean that a system exhibiting problems this frequently is likely suffering from problems with faltering components and issues from stress.

If your air conditioner is less than 10 years old, we urge you to invest in AC maintenance to ensure that these components last as long as possible without a repair. However, if your AC is 10+ years old, then you might want to start considering replacement.

Frequent Repairs Every Few Months

It doesn’t matter how old your air conditioner is; if it’s breaking down every few months or every year, there’s something catastrophically wrong with it. This could have been a botched installation, or it could be from some functionality problem.

Regardless of why it’s working this way, we urge you to consider a quick replacement so you don’t end up paying more money down the line for a system that’s not worth the cost.

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