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How Long Will Your AC Last in Plano, TX?


Sometimes we can be jealous of homeowners in the northern climates. They only use their air conditioners sparingly, and they don’t have to worry as much about the longevity of the system if they use them for just a few months of the year. For us, we depend on our air conditioners to the point where they can get worn down a lot faster than our heating systems.

That’s what brings us to our topic today: how long will an air conditioner last? But more specifically, how long will your air conditioner last? Every AC system is going to last for a different amount of time depending on a lot of factors. In order to maximize the output and longevity of your system, it’s important to take good care of it by providing things like maintenance or an air filter change every few months. Let’s talk about some factors that might affect the lifespan of your air conditioning in Plano, TX.

3 Factors That Affect an AC’s Lifespan

When trying to figure out how long your air conditioner is going to last, it’s important to weigh some vital factors. These factors can help you figure out when to invest in a replacement system and when to get a good handle on how many years left your AC might have. Air conditioners are designed to last 10–15 years, so depending on how your system is affected by the next three points, you might have a replacement on your hands sooner rather than later.

1. The Climate and Amount It’s Used

Here in Plano, we get some serious heat throughout the year. While we don’t use our air conditioners 24/7 like a tropical island might, we still use them for at least half of the year, if not more. This dry heat causes us to put a lot of strain on our air conditioners to perform their jobs thoroughly.

When considering how long your air conditioner has left to operate at maximum efficiency, don’t compare it to a system up north. If you’ve got family or friends who live in Michigan, for instance, their air conditioner is going to fare much different than yours. Try to remember just how much you use your AC throughout the seasons when evaluating how much output it gives you on a yearly basis.

2. Yearly Maintenance

An AC is never going to last into old age without proper maintenance. Yearly HVAC maintenance is a must, especially in our area, for air conditioners that are running for at least half of the year, if not more.

Yearly maintenance is proven to reduce repair needs and extend the lifespan of a system so that it runs as long as it’s designed to. Ask us about our annual HVAC maintenance plan, The Cool Club, today!

3. Stress and Problems

How frequently does your air conditioner encounter problems? Are you remembering to change the air filter every 1–3 months? These are considerations that will heavily affect your AC’s lifespan. The more the air conditioner gets stressed out, runs inefficiently, or is in disrepair, the less likely it is that it will last the 10–15 years it’s supposed to.

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