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3 Reasons to Switch to a Heat Pump

Aire Texas Team

They’re effective, they’re efficient, and they can be used in homes without air ducts. There, those are the answers you’re looking for!

We’re kidding. You’re not just interested in hearing what makes heat pumps so good; you’re looking for the background behind why these systems work so well and so efficiently. After all, you risk a more precarious situation when you just take the word of someone who tells you a system is “more efficient” or “more effective” without demonstrating how. While our team is the team to trust, we’re also devoted to empowering customers so they can make smart and profitable decisions.

If you’re looking for an air conditioner to help for next summer, or perhaps you’re in need of heating services in Lewisville, TX, then stay tuned. We’ll talk about why a heat pump might solve both of these problems at once!

How a Heat Pump Works

In order to more easily demonstrate how powerful and efficient heat pumps are, we need to talk about how they work.

Similar to a central air conditioner, heat pumps work using cycling lines of refrigerant. When the compressor pressurizes refrigerant, it can evaporate or condense. Evaporated refrigerant draws heat into it, essentially cooling the space around it. Condensed refrigerant deposits heat around it, throwing the heat out wherever the refrigerant is condensing.

This means that a heat pump can draw heat from anywhere and deposit it anywhere, a process that a central air conditioner can only do one way. Heat pumps are both heating and cooling systems because of this nifty technological process.

The Effectiveness of Heat Pumps

We need to talk about how effective heat pumps are. You might think that an electric, refrigerant-based heating system might not be as powerful or effective as a furnace, but that’s not entirely true. As long as you don’t live somewhere with extremely cold temperatures (like areas of the country that constantly get below zero), a heat pump is a perfectly effective system that can keep your whole house just as warm as a furnace would.

Heat pumps can also then turn around and provide your home with cooling during the summer, essentially becoming an all-year-round comfort system!

Why Heat Pumps Are So Efficient

Let’s get into the efficiency of heat pumps. Heat pumps move heat instead of creating heat like a furnace would, so they by default don’t have to use as much energy as these other systems. Match that with the fact that heat pumps use electricity which is a pretty inexpensive source of energy, and you’ve got a heating system that can really compare with other high-efficiency heating systems.

It’s true that heat pumps lose efficiency when temperatures drop to an extreme degree, but here in Texas, we don’t have to worry about that too often.

They Come in Ductless Forms Too

Are you worried that you won’t be able to have a heat pump installed in your home because you lack ductwork? Don’t worry, heat pumps can also come in ductless mini splits. They’re basically small air handlers that hook up to an outside unit, and they can efficiently pump heated air into your home through the air handlers rather than through a centralized duct system.

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