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Furnace Problems Can Turn Hazardous

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We don’t like to scare homeowners into calling us for help. It’s not a very good business model, and it ruins one of the best things that we can give homeowners around our area—peace of mind. In most cases, your furnace is probably fine and just needs a quick fix in order to operate to the best of its ability. But we won’t lie to you; some gas furnaces can turn dangerous when they’re not taken care of the right way.

Furnace repairs in Lewisville, TX are absolutely necessary when you suspect that your system has something wrong with it. After all, unless you’re a licensed HVAC technician, it’s almost impossible to tell what exactly is going wrong. That means you could have a safety concern right under your nose and not know that it’s there!

Our team can help you. We’ll talk about how furnace problems can become safety issues and how we can help you every step of the way.

What Can Go Wrong With a Furnace?

Let’s say your furnace is running as normal but it suddenly starts making rattling sounds that wake you up in the middle of the night. As long as it’s still continuing to work properly, you can just leave that problem to be fixed down the road when you’ve got more money and time to address it, right?

Well, not exactly. Since many furnaces are gas-burning devices, unless you specifically know what’s going wrong with the system, there could be an issue that poses a safety concern for your home.

Rattling components, booming noise, and other problems that create friction or movement can rupture and break certain parts of your furnace. If these parts are sensitive, like the heat exchanger in your furnace, then you could see carbon monoxide or natural gas leak from the system. This is why fast repairs might be necessary.

A Cracked Heat Exchanger Is a Problem

There’s a small, clam-shaped component in every gas furnace called a “heat exchanger.” Its function is exactly as its name would imply. It contains all the heat and combustion fumes that come from the gas-burning process, but it exchanges only heat with the air from your home. Its main purpose is to exchange heat, but it also serves a secondary purpose which is to stop any hazardous fumes, carbon monoxide, or gas from entering your breathable air.

When your furnace is booming or rattling in a persistent way, your heat exchanger could crack. This would mean that fumes that are dangerous to inhale could start leaking into your indoor air and cause health problems.

For instance, if your home starts smelling like rotten eggs, then your furnace might be leaking natural gas. Or, if you’re having trouble remembering things, you’re fatigued, and suffering from headaches or nausea, then you might be inhaling carbon monoxide.

Both of these problems can be dangerous and they require immediate professional attention.

Safety Inspections Are Necessary Every Year

We’d like you to take two things away from this blog post. The first is that it’s important to call for furnace repairs early so you can avoid a safety issue. The second is to invest in a safety inspection every year for an added layer of protection against this problem from happening.

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