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Air Conditioning Services in Frisco, TX

With education as our platform here at Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc, we’re proud to send our in-house trained Diagnostic Engineers and Installation Specialists to your home for your air conditioning services. Whether you’re looking to have a new system installed right away or want to learn about your replacement options, we take a birds-eye-view approach. We’ll look at not only how your current air conditioner and other home comfort systems are serving you now, but also how new systems can further enhance your comfort. We’re trusted throughout Frisco, TX for offering:

  • AC System Installation and Replacement
  • Fast AC System Repairs
  • Routine AC Maintenance
  • We Service all AC Systems!

We are a company who believes in “doing it right the first time every time!” Contact us when you need quality air conditioning services in Frisco, TX.


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Air Conditioning Installation

You have many options for AC installation when it comes to manufacturers—we are the premier dealer for a number of leading brands, including Lennox, Daikin, and American Standard—system types, and of course, your budget. Ask us about the 2-stage variable air conditioning systems, with 2 speed options that provide you with energy savings as well as monetary savings. We also install and service dual fuel systems, the traditional central air conditioner, and ductless systems, each with their own unique benefits.

Air Conditioning Repair

How can you tell if you need air conditioning repair? Fortunately, some of the signs are pretty clear. They include reduced airflow, low cooling output, strange or unfamiliar noises coming from the system, higher than average energy bills, or short-cycling—when the system shuts off and turns on rapidly. We want you to keep your Frisco, TX home as comfortable as possible, so be sure to contact our team when you need quick, high-quality repairs. We’re here for you 24/7!

Ductless Air Conditioning

As the name implies, ductless systems provide you with effective air conditioning without the need for air ducts. This matters because you’re able to get efficient, individualized comfort throughout your Frisco, TX home, without the potential for air duct damage or the indoor air quality issues that dirty or compromised ductwork can bring.

Central Air Conditioning

Were you aware that a central air conditioner that’s too big for your home can be just as detrimental to the system and your home’s performance and energy efficient as a system that’s too small? Proper sizing is an important part of central air conditioning installation. And to maintain that efficiency you’ll want to make sure your system is well maintained, which you can do by enrolling today in our Cool Club Maintenance Program!

Heat Pump Services

A heat pump works very similarly to a central air conditioner. An indoor air handler pulls hot air from your home to expel outside, and a refrigerant process brings cooled air back into your home until it’s at the desired temperature on your thermostat. The difference between a heat pump and central system is the heat pumps ability to reverse refrigerant flow to provide effective heating. This 2-in-1 system saves space, energy, and money for homeowners. Contact us today to learn more.

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