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HVAC Shortages: Everything You Should Know

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We live in strange times, and this summer is far from normal. Homeowners in our area frequently call us for AC services in Plano, TX, which is great. We’re always available to help customers in need! However, we’d like to fill in our customers a little bit with some of what’s going on in the HVAC industry, specifically with HVAC shortages. As you’ve probably heard, there is a shortage of HVAC equipment that is causing prices to rise and homeowners to be caught in a bind.

That AC upgrade you were going to invest in last year might cost two or three times as much this year because of this crazy market.

Don’t worry. We will do everything we can to educate you and keep you from getting price-gauged due to these HVAC shortages. As long as you look ahead and try to plan things out accordingly, you’ll most likely be in good shape!

What’s Going on With HVAC Inventory?

North Texas HVAC Maintenance Plan

The supply chain for HVAC equipment is long and full of many parts. Certain products are extremely backlogged and are taking a very long time to reach our shelves, which means we’re having trouble procuring them for services, and customers are starting to get frustrated.

This is something that is affecting the entire industry, so every company is trying to deal with the high demand in their own way. Here are just a few components that are short on supply:

Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Plastic HVAC Equipment Shortages

All of these components are in extremely high demand, and their supplies have been cut short. Unfortunately, these materials constitute the necessary parts in many of our products.

Semiconductor Shortages

If you’re dealing with an electrical issue in your HVAC system, any semiconductor replacement will be very expensive.

What’s Causing the HVAC Shortages?

Here are a few reasons for an HVAC shortage in our area:

  • The springtime snow here in Texas damaged a Trane manufacturing plant that shut down semiconductor production.
  • An equipment fire at the Renesas semiconductor factory in Japan.
  • The Suez Canal blockage heavily impacted international shipping.
  • There is a huge demand for HVAC supplies as people get vaccinated.

Why Is There Such a High Demand for HVAC Equipment?

This is very interesting. Since the pandemic caused homeowners to postpone many financial decisions last year, things are drastically different this year. People saved a lot of money last year, which means they’re starting to spend on those home improvement projects that were put on hold.

AC system upgrades, new heaters, and even heat pump systems are in extremely high demand. People are starting to invite friends and family over who are vaccinated, causing people to scramble for those home improvements, as building materials prices are being sent sky-high.

How to Get Around Current HVAC Equipment Shortages

HVAC Tax Incentives

This all might sound incredibly stressful, but you have a team that’s on your side. We don’t want to charge you any more than we have to—which is why we’ve got a couple of solutions.

  • Invest in maintenance. Regular HVAC maintenance is the best way to ensure your comfort systems last through this year so that you can invest in new ones when prices drop back down.
  • Ask us for advice. Need some advice on what to do? Our team is experienced and skilled at helping you make the best financial decision.
  • Schedule your replacements and upgrades early. While supply is low, we still have some systems and can perform many services at a great price. Call us early so we can be sure to schedule your AC installation service and get the products you need.

At Aire Texas, we can help you with HVAC rebates and tax incentives, as well!

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