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The Benefits of an AC Maintenance Plan

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Air conditioner maintenance in Plano, TX is not optional, or at least it shouldn’t be. Optional things, like highlighted car rims or refurbished countertops, don’t take a very high priority in your life when it comes to saving money and keeping you happy. Perhaps you’d like to renovate your kitchen, but you probably feel safe and secure with it in its current state.

However, AC maintenance (contrary to what many homeowners believe) is absolutely necessary when trying to maximize the lifespan, efficiency, and effectiveness of your system. If you go without a professional technician with the right experience and equipment inspecting your AC system, you’re inviting a slew of problems that could eventually cause your AC to breakdown when you least expect it, potentially leading to the need for expensive AC repair or even premature AC replacement in Plano, TX.

From thermostat calibration to oiling motors to measuring the airflow, you’re missing out on an extensive benefit from being the owner of an air conditioner if you haven’t signed up for an HVAC maintenance plan. We can tell you why!

Covering the Basics

Air conditioners are just like any other machine; they have a large amount of moving parts that all contribute to the cooling process. It’s not just some ice cube in a box that cools you down. That means your unit is going to require some thorough technical expertise to achieve the cooling setting listed on your Wifi thermostat. If you think that just any average homeowner has the know-how to maintain an air conditioner, you’re poorly mistaken.

Refrigerant Levels

A refrigerant leak can be devastating for an air conditioning system. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of the cooling process while also being a major hazard to the environment when it leaks. Homeowners often won’t notice a refrigerant leak until it is too late and their air conditioner is blowing warm air into their already hot home.

A responsible technician can inspect your system annually, measuring the amount of refrigerant that’s being cycled through the cooling process to make sure there hasn’t been any lost. If there has been a loss of refrigerant, a Plano HVAC technician from our team can initiate a recharge and address the leak before it becomes a major problem.

Airflow Measurements

Measuring airflow doesn’t just mean differentiating between “cool” and “really cool.” Poor airflow can be a major red flag that there is a huge problem somewhere in your system or air ducts. A technician can inspect your air ducts for any leaking air, while also checking your system for any problems with the evaporator coil. A technician can use the signal of poor airflow to determine where the problem is and fix it.

Increased Accuracy and Efficiency

The thermostat is a part of the cooling process, and it’s important that it reads the correct temperature and sends the right signals. A technician will make sure that the system is cooling your home down to the temperature you set. This also includes making sure that your AC doesn’t have to toil just to keep you relatively comfortable. An air conditioner that’s working too hard will use up more energy than you’d feel comfortable with.

Don’t treat AC inspection as optional. Call us for quality maintenance today! We’re doing it right the first time, every time!


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