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Are You Dealing with an AC Electrical Problem?


Air conditioners, contrary to some homeowners’ belief, don’t run on magic. In fact, they’re highly powerful electrical machines that run on the power provided by your home energy grid. Therefore, if you don’t have sufficient power to be running such a system, you might start noticing problems.

That’s what we’re here for! We’d like to zero in on some of the more common electrical problems that can occur in your air conditioner. If you can know what to look for and when to call our team for repairs, you might easily avoid a huge issue that could compound into a breakdown when you least expect it.

So, take a look below for some good tips to look out for and remember to contact our team for a Richardson air conditioning company that knows how to address systematic electrical problems. Our experts are on the case!

Common AC Electrical Problems

From frayed wires to issues with contactors and blown fuses, your air conditioner needs to be perfectly well-situated within your home and your electrical grid if it’s going to work. Electrical problems can occur all the time, and we’d like to examine some of the more common ones and tell you whether or not they’re huge problems that could soon mean a replacement AC, or just minor fixes that any professional can perform.

  • Frayed Wires. Wires exist in any piece of electrical equipment, but the longevity and efficacy of said wires depend on a variety of factors. If your system is starting to age, or it’s been subjected to a lot of wear and tear, the wires could be starting to fray and disconnect. That means you could be risking a fire hazard as well as the total shutdown of your air conditioner. Thankfully, wires are a dime a dozen, and a skilled technician can fix this kind of issue in no time.
  • Capacitor Issues. Capacitors are responsible for starting and stopping the system when you turn it on and off. There are start capacitors and stop capacitors, and when one of them starts having issues, you’ll certainly notice it when your air conditioner abruptly shuts off when you least expect it. So, call a team of professionals when you start to notice something fishy.
  • Problems with Your Circuit Breaker. Your air conditioner requires a steady amount of power to operate effectively. Especially if you’ve got a large home with an AC that’s sized correctly, it’ll need plenty of power to cool the space. That’s why you need to have proper power supplied through electrical panels that have been looked at by a professional. A system that keeps tripping a circuit breaker is going to shut off and perhaps might shut off other appliances as well.

A Different Issue

Let’s face it, there could be a multitude of problems affecting your air conditioner that are electrical in nature. However, you’re never going to get to the bottom of it without the help of a trained AC repair professional. That’s what we’re there for—our team has the right training and qualifications to make sure that we find the source of your electrical problem and take the steps necessary to fix it.

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