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4 Signs Your Heater Needs Repair

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Does your heater seem like it needs to be repaired? Well, even if you answered no to that question, how do you know that it’s fine? That’s where we come in!

There are many subtle clues your heater could be giving off that signal an imminent need for repair. From smells to specific noises, these are signs that warn your gas or electric furnace could be in worse shape than you realize. When it comes to furnace repair in Plano, TX you’re going to want to pay attention to professionals when they give you advice on what your heater requires. The more informed you are about the needs of your furnace, the better decisions you can make about the future and whether a replacement or repair is better for your system.

So, that’s why this blog post exists! We’re going to try and inform you of the particular signs that show your heater is having trouble. A vigilant homeowner will detect these signs and make sure to contact their local professional Plano HVAC technician today!

Signs of an Unwell Furnace

These signs are especially important to pay attention to because many homeowners might mistakenly believe that they’re normal after observing them for a long time.

Nasty Smells

Many homeowners that own gas furnaces assume that many smells are “normal.” This might be true about the slight smell of dissipating odors when you run the heater for the first time. This could be from the system burning dust. However, if you’re smelling different scents coming from your furnace on a regular basis, this is not normal.

This could signify a gas leak or an exhaust problem. If your system has a crack in the heat exchanger, you could be inhaling dangerous carbon monoxide or leaking gas that can ultimately be a fire hazard. If you smell anything for an extended period of time that’s coming from your vents or furnace, contact a Plano heater repair professional immediately.

Difficulty Starting

If your heater is having a difficult time starting, then don’t worry; it’s not your imagination. Many homeowners have to turn on their furnaces once, twice, or even three times in a single day.

This isn’t normal and could signify a disconnected wire, damaged thermostat, or some other electrical problem that could be shutting the system down. Don’t try and figure out why it’s shutting down on your own — contact a Plano heating service professional at Aire Texas today.

Not Enough Heat

A furnace is supposed to heat your home to the temperature shown on your thermostat. There shouldn’t be any addendums to that statement. If you notice your thermostat is a few degrees above where the temperature actually is or that your house is getting colder and colder—don’t hesitate to call a professional today.

You see, contrary to what many homeowners believe, your system functioning poorly doesn’t mean it’s consuming less energy, but instead, it is using the same amount or sometimes even more while performing a worse job. Receiving heater repairs could fine-tune your system into giving you the adequate heating you require while it consumes as little energy or fuel as possible.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait. Call us at Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc. We’re doing it right the first time, every time!


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