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Replacing Your AC With a Heat Pump: 3 Tips


You’ve probably read a few important articles about how heat pumps will be our best piece of equipment against the rising temperatures of climate change. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Washington Post wrote an article about the need for heat pumps in Europe, and that’s only going to be more prevalent here in the United States!

So today we’d like to talk specifically to any of the homeowners who are curious about heat pumps and think they might like to try them out. Since they’re both heating and cooling systems combined in one, you might need to evaluate some of your priorities and think about the future more than you ever have before.

You’ll need a trusted technician to provide reliable HVAC repairs in Garland, TX, and one that’s well-suited to this kind of technology going forward.

Find a Qualified Heat Pump Technician

The first thing we’d like to make new heat pump owners aware of is that they’re different from central air conditioners and other cooling systems. They specifically cool and heat the air in your home depending on the season and your unique comfort needs. This means that if you own a heat pump, you can’t really call for a handyman to have it fixed anymore. Heat pumps require professional support from technicians with special training.

Luckily, that training isn’t hard to find if you look for a little while. Our team is full of technicians who are perfectly able to provide you with heat pump repairs, from simple fixes to the most complex repairs you might need.

Choose a Central System or a Ductless One

Another thing you’ll need to figure out as a heat pump owner is which kind of heat pump you’d rather have. They come in two different types: centralized systems and ductless mini splits.

Centralized heat pumps function like your central air conditioner in that they cool the air in your home and send it through ductwork to enter the various rooms and spaces where you need it.

Ductless mini-split systems run with an outside cabinet and up to four indoor air handlers that can separately cool the air in your home in their strategic locations. You can put one in every section of your house or even set them up in areas where you know different people will set different comfort settings.

Pay More Now for Savings Later

Look, investing in a heat pump is a choice that’s not going to be for everyone. If you’re on a particularly tight budget this year due to things like inflation or a job loss in the family, then we understand. However, if you’ve got savings lined up to help you make more efficient and cost-effective choices going forward, then you might benefit a lot from a heat pump.

These systems run more efficiently and they do more than standard cooling units. You’ll stand to save more money on energy bills and comfort costs down the line, especially with a solid maintenance plan from our team and the help of our amazing Plano heat pump service technicians for any repairs or replacements you may require.

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