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It Either Works or It Doesn’t, Right?

Heater Repair Plano

We’re going to talk a little bit today about a contentious subject. There are a lot of homeowners in our area that have two modus operandi—either their heating system works or it doesn’t. While we understand how this might make sense since we want our homes to be comfortable and that’s basically it, there’s more to this equation that we want people to think about.

If you only operated with that mentality in mind, heating repair in Plano, TX would be a lot more expensive and frequent. Your heating bills would be much higher, and your system wouldn’t last nearly as long as it should. Heating systems don’t just operate and break down; they operate effectively and efficiently. Your comfort, your heating bills, and the lifespan of your system should all be taken into account when trying to figure out if your system generally works well.

How Well Does It Work?

If you say that your heater works well and you don’t think you need heating service, we’d like to ask a simple question—how well does it work? Take a look below at how a system that “technically works” could actually be costing you money.

  • High bills. A heating system might work, but it could cost you a ton of money in the process. Compare your heating bills this year to the ones you paid last year and take note if you see any discrepancies. A huge increase could signal that the efficiency of your system is suffering and that you need an extra leg up in terms of maintaining and repairing your heater.
  • Poor comfort. If your heater works, then that’s great—but if it doesn’t work very well, then you’ve got a problem. Do you keep reaching for extra blankets, wear sweatshirts during the day, and brew hot tea because no matter what you set on the thermostat, it’s always going to be relatively chilly? Call us if this sounds familiar.
  • Technical problems. Sometimes we encounter homeowners that keep turning their systems on, only for them to shut off or encounter a technical problem that’s frustrating. Sure, the system might still run, but that’s a far cry from running well.
  • Safety issues. If you’re the owner of a furnace system, then you know as well as we do how bad neglect can be. If you allow your system to run poorly, it could start leaking gas or carbon monoxide, which is something you seriously can’t ignore.

It Doesn’t Work

If your heater doesn’t work, then we’ve got options. Sometimes, all it takes is some routine heating maintenance to get it into good shape again. Other times, we can perform targeted repairs that get at the heart of what’s going wrong inside your system. In rare cases, there’s absolutely nothing that can be done and the more economical path forward is to replace your heating system completely. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got a solution that can work for your home and budget. Just give us a call!

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