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Duct Testing and Sealing in Plano, TX

Did you know you could be losing 30% of the conditioned air you’re paying for through duct leakage?

The ventilation portion of your HVAC system is quite susceptible to damage, which can occur from improper installation, intense heat and poorly insulated ductwork, and even vermin in your attic or crawlspace.

The duct testing services we provide here at Aire Texas Residential Services, Inc enables our Diagnostic Engineers to adequately assess your ductwork and see if and where your ventilation system is compromised. We are vigilant about customer service—we believe in doing things right the first time every time! This means determining whether your HVAC needs are duct-based, and resolving any duct leakage problems you have.

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Duct Testing and Sealing in Plano TX

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Do You Need Duct Testing?

If you’ve never had professional duct testing done, it’s not a bad idea to start now. Duct leakage impacts many facets of your home comfort, including:

  • Indoor air quality – Duct leakage allows allergens, pollutants, and contaminants into your Plano, TX living space.
  • HVAC efficiency – If you’re losing conditioned air it means your AC and heating systems must work harder to do their jobs.

How can you tell if these factors are impacting your home comfort? There are a few signs to watch out for:

  • Increased illnesses and allergy symptoms – If you find yourself or your family members increasingly sneezing and coughing, it could be due to allergens infiltrating your indoor air through compromised ducts.
  • Uneven temperatures – Your conditioned air can be escaping into unoccupied spaces of your home such as your attic, meaning that the heated or cooled air is never reaching certain vents.
  • Higher heating and cooling bills – Adjusting your thermostat won’t help if conditioned air isn’t reaching your living space. This just causes the compressor of your HVAC system to run longer and waste energy.

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Duct Sealing from the Pros

Duct sealing is something that should only ever be performed by trained and experienced HVAC professionals. It’s not enough to simply apply store-bought duct tape to the affected area. In fact, duct tape is not adequately named—it becomes brittle and ineffective due to the fluctuating temperatures HVAC ductwork goes through.

Professional duct sealing utilizes professional grade mastic to effectively and efficiently seal up duct leakage for a long-term solution. When you need duct sealing services, you can count on us.

Ask about Our Home Performance Services

Duct sealing is a small part of an overall home performance strategy. Our home performance services look at your entire home to determine how efficiently its performing. These services include:

  • Home automation – A smart thermostat gives you precise control over your heating and cooling preferences.
  • Air sealing – Caulking, duct sealing, and attic air sealing all help improve efficiency and comfort.
  • Energy audits – This helps our Diagnostic Engineers determine your home performance opportunities.
  • Insulation – Proper insulation helps HVAC efficiency all year-long.

With the right tests and products in place, we can ensure you have all you need to affordably and conveniently achieve home comfort.

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