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What Is Home Automation?


When homeowners think about home automation or the performance of their home appliances, they usually think about some kind of dystopian science fiction story where machines control our daily lives. While those definitely make for some good spooky Halloween movie ideas, they’re not particularly truthful. In fact, the truth is that home automation goes a long way in making our lives more relaxing and simple.

Basically, home automation refers to automating your appliances to work with simple inputs or automatically. Instead of having to take time out of your day to set everything accurately and make changes every few hours, a home that’s automated will do this on its own and sometimes will be changed through voice activation or a smartphone.

Let’s talk about a few ways you could benefit from new improvements in home automation in North Dallas, TX.

The Many Ways of Home Automation

We all know what the benefits of home automation are: convenience, energy efficiency, and a more modern appeal to our homes. These are pretty obvious, but the technology involved in these kinds of solutions can come in all shapes and sizes. Let’s talk about a few ways that homes are being innovated today, and where we can help automate your house!

  • Smart or Wi-Fi thermostats. This is hands down one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to modernize your home with automation. Smart thermostats are programmable and can learn the heating or cooling preferences of your house, cutting energy waste and allowing your home to be more comfortable and efficient over time. Wi-Fi thermostats can be controlled via your smartphone and even through voice activation in your smartphone to make things extremely easy.
  • IAQ Devices. If you’re looking to add humidity to your home during the winter, clear out pesky contaminants from your air, or do something that your heating or cooling system can’t do, we can help you. Most whole-home IAQ systems can be set up to combine with your smart or Wi-Fi thermostat so they all seamlessly work together. Control the temperature, humidity, and air quality all from one location.
  • Vocal Assistance. Vocal assistance can be a great tool when it comes to your HVAC system. Not only is it convenient for homeowners who are just getting home with hands full of groceries who just want to change the temperature vocally, but it’s also helpful for elderly customers that might need extra assistance. We can set our customers up with home automation systems that respond to voice commands, so you can turn the temperature up or down with just a quick yelp!
  • Smart Home Devices. Smart home devices, like speakers, microphones, and computers, all go a long way in centralizing our lives. It’s easier when you’ve got one location for your music, your HVAC controls, and your phone to call relatives. Let us help organize your life by installing the necessary tools.

Imagine your life being more convenient with the help of automation systems. Wouldn’t that be great? Get started today by calling our team for a comfort consultation.

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