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What Goes Wrong in a Neglected Commercial HVAC System?

Commercial HVAC Tests and Repair

Neglect is a harsh word to use. When it comes to pets, our kids, or our elderly parents, neglect is one of the last things you want happening. While we definitely don’t mean it in that context, we don’t want business owners to get complacent because their commercial HVAC system doesn’t need to drink water or eat food. Your HVAC unit needs a lot of attention, even if it’s just enough to keep it running year after year.

We get it, your establishment has more important things to be concerned with. You’ve got customers to attend to, expense reports to get done, and you’re maybe even looking to expand your business! But all of this might come to a grinding halt when your commercial heater breaks down. Our team can help you achieve the best results for the lowest cost and amount of time when it comes to commercial HVAC in Frisco, TX.

Problems Over Time

It’s hard to gauge just how bad neglect can be for a commercial HVAC system. Problems can develop over time, and time is of the essence because your system is supposed to last as long as possible. It might seem like “not that big a deal” if you missed out on professional maintenance for one year, but that mistake could cost you years off the system’s expected lifespan.

Preventative services like maintenance and early repairs are absolutely vital for your business, your budget, and your comfort. Take this to heart when you’re determining why your HVAC system isn’t working properly.

Here are just a few other problems that can spring from neglect:

  • Inefficiency problems. The longer you let your air conditioner run without any support, the more likely it will start using more energy to do the same job. Think of it like a child playing without adult supervision. The longer you leave your kid alone, the more likely they are to do things that aren’t very good (breaking rules, breaking furniture, etc.). Get your commercial system maintained or call for early repairs when you notice something wrong.
  • Repairs from the previous years. If you have a repair that never got done last year, it’s not going to magically go away. In fact, it usually gets worse! Call our team today to have your last year’s repair fixed this year so your system is in the clear.
  • Uncomfortable temperatures. The more a commercial air conditioner is neglected, the more likely it will start running up the thermostat temperature. Your building was likely 68 degrees a few years ago, then 69, and now all of a sudden it won’t go lower than 75. This calls for some serious professional work that you’d better off getting ASAP.
  • Poor air quality. Neglect is synonymous with poor indoor air quality, because business owners often forget about their air filters. The more clogged and neglected your system’s air filter is, the more likely your business is to have contaminants floating around and damaging the interior components of your air conditioner.

There’s a simple remedy to these problems: call the pros on our team!

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