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What About Inverter Air Conditioners?


If there’s one thing that our customers are concerned with this year, it’s energy. Rolling blackouts and problems with the power grid mean our HVAC systems are starting to cause us some trouble. Not only that, but the cost of electricity is continuing to rise, which is a difficult thing to address when many of our comfort appliances depend on this resource. So, how do we manage these predicaments?

One effective way of dealing with these trying times is by saving the energy that we use. One brilliant method that customers can use to save energy is by investing in an inverter AC installation in North Dallas, TX. These systems are essentially the exact same as other residential central air conditioners except with one huge upgrade: they perform more efficiently when keeping a home cool.

Sound interesting? Keep reading to learn more about these systems and whether one might be perfect for your home!

How Do Inverter Air Conditioners Work?

Inverter air conditioners work similarly to central air conditioners with one huge difference. They cycle refrigerant from a condenser coil to an evaporator coil, drawing heat out of the air and cooling your home just like a central AC would. However, an inverter air conditioner also has an inverter that can lower the power level of the system so it can run slowly.

Why is this important? Well, when your home gets cooled to the temperature listed on the thermostat, an air conditioner usually abruptly shuts off and is told to turn back on in 10 minutes or so when things heat up again. With an inverter, the AC can keep running at a low power setting so it doesn’t have to cycle back on and it consumes minimal energy to keep things cool.

Why Might It Be a Good Option for My Home?

Inverter AC units are great because they’re central air conditioners in every way except for the inverter, which gives them a bit of an efficiency boost. It’s like investing in a car with turbo: that extra boost can go a long way over a long period of time!

Three Reasons to Consider an Inverter System

Here are some additional reasons to invest in this system:

  • You’re in the market for a new, high-efficiency AC. Inverter air conditioners are great at saving both energy and money. They’re not as expensive as ductless mini split units, or other high-efficiency models, but they’re great at efficiently cooling an etire home.
  • You’re on a strict budget. Inverter air conditioners are still central AC units, which are some of the most affordable on the market. So, if you’re looking to save money and stay on budget, this is a great system.
  • You don’t need a heater. Many customers want to invest in some kind of high-efficiency air conditioning system, and some of the most efficient are heat pumps. But if you’ve already got a powerful and efficient heater, like an electric furnace, then a heat pump could be a huge waste of money. An inverter central air conditioner will last a long time and still bring you efficient cooling over time!

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