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Heat Pumps

A Handy Fall Heat Pump FAQ

You’ve got questions and you can bet that we have answers! Heat pumps are becoming more common in our area for a variety of different reasons, so we think it only makes sense that we provide people with a handy FAQ to help answer questions and make these systems feel more familiar. Heat pumps aren’t some kind of “trend” that’s going to be replaced by another cool new heating or

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Home Improvement

What Is Home Automation?

When homeowners think about home automation or the performance of their home appliances, they usually think about some kind of dystopian science fiction story where machines control our daily lives. While those definitely make for some good spooky Halloween movie ideas, they’re not particularly truthful. In fact, the truth is that home automation goes a long way in making our lives more relaxing and simple. Basically, home automation refers to

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Air Conditioning

What About Inverter Air Conditioners?

If there’s one thing that our customers are concerned with this year, it’s energy. Rolling blackouts and problems with the power grid mean our HVAC systems are starting to cause us some trouble. Not only that, but the cost of electricity is continuing to rise, which is a difficult thing to address when many of our comfort appliances depend on this resource. So, how do we manage these predicaments? One

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Indoor Air Quality

Don’t Forget About Your Ducts!

Air ducts are a vital component of the air conditioning process. They are the transfer point for the cool air that is created by your AC to reach the rest of the rooms of your home. Since an air conditioner is louder and shinier, it can sometimes get all of the attention from a homeowner or even an HVAC technician, but that can lead to some bad results. Air duct

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Aire Texas Team
Air Conditioning

3 Tips for High-Quality Commercial AC

If you’ve followed our blog for any period of time, you probably know that we love helping and teaching our customers about the best practices that can help lower bills and improve comfort. Commercial HVAC in North Dallas, TX is no exception. When it comes to commercial air conditioning, the stakes can often be higher and you can save even more if you take part in some great programs or

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Air Conditioning

Between AC Repairs: How Long Should It Be?

We often run into homeowners who are frustrated because they just had their air conditioner repaired a year or two ago. AC repairs, just like car or home repairs, can be expensive and they’re not something you can easily plan for. When something goes wrong, it goes wrong and needs to be fixed, and you likely never get a heads up when you’d like one. We completely understand. We’re not

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